Syria’s Call

Photo: Google
Photo: Google

If every tear trickles down,
Echoes of misery and death surround,
In our crimson blood we drown,
Marking the end of this little town.

The famine, the fear, the death we detest,
Mourning souls with no peace, no rest
Humanity struggling, being put to the test,
As They fulfill their unholy quest.

The cries of the civilians, pleading for help,
Thrown into a chasm, problems to be dealt,
More fear than hope, lingered around them,
Anxiously awaiting a life of condemn.

The silent sobs of the people embowered
As they impatiently longed for death;
Alas, the deafening blasts empowered,
As they took their final breath.

Author Bio : Diya Anand Vinekar, 14 yeras old student ofVidya Niketan School from Bangalore, Karnataka


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