Increasing temperature during summer: Aftermath

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Summer season is a part of the world’s seasons. It is a season which is most awaited by the school/college students , just like how a mother eagerly waits for her child to return from school/college it is the same .One can see the sun smiling during the summer , which brings enjoyment as well as tiredness.


Summer season is always accompanied by high temperature (heat) but during the recent years this heat is just unbearable . According to me , I feel the main reasons of increasing temperature during the summer is not alien to us because we ourselves (humans )are the inventors of many problems which cause heat .  As we know the humans are constantly becoming blind by GREED and in the name of development people are recklessly cutting trees (deforestation), because of which there is less rainfall and more of carbon dioxide in the air, which all of us exhale. The green house gases are trapping the heat of the sun , and thus increasing the temperature on the Earth . The air conditions , refrigerators . etc. which we use release ChloroFluroCarbons , which facilitate the Ozone layer depletion .I strongly agree that the overuse of fossil fuel and pollution also increase the temperature on the Earth.


The increasing temperature in summer is always accompanied by many adverse effects such as health problems , droughts ,famine ,water shortage , floods .etc. Human beings fall prey to many health problems such as high BP(blood pressure),skin diseases and cancers , stroke and people become angry soon . Due to rising heat on the Earth many animals ,plants and birds are unable to survive because of which some of their population may become extinct. There is chance of failure of crops due to less availability of our precious resource ‘WATER’ , and also because of dry wells , which gives rise to a problem called food shortage. Because of food shortage the price of food grains increase . In some rural as well as urban areas people have to walk long distances to get water , in doing so , sometimes their health is affected . Floods occur due to melting of the glaciers in the polar regions because of excess temperature. And because of this many polar bears have to lose their life due to the heat and habitat destruction, which may reduce their population on the Earth. People tend to lose their energy soon during summer as a result they feel dizzy .


Increasing temperature in the summer on the Earth  needs to be dealt in the correct way an using the correct methods to solve this problem we need to do whatever little we can to reduce this unbearable temperature and use solutions and remedies which we are aware of.If we don’t tackle with this problem at the right time then we cannot blame others for our death or the death of the other creatures , instead we should consider ourselves the murderers of those who lost their life because of this problem. As we know “Prevention is better than cure” incase of a disease ; in the same way , we should stop giving birth (reproducing) to the sources which causes the problem . If we don’t stop ‘reproducing’ the sources which causes the problem of high temperature on the Earth then our future on this planet will be bleak.

I would like to suggest some steps to tackle the problem of increasing temperature in summer, these are the following :

  1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER -As we know , water hydrates our body and keeps our body’s temperature cool.
  2. DON’T EAT FOOD WHICH CAUSES HEAT – One should minimize the consumption of heat causing food such as garlic, ginger, dates, peanuts .etc. as these foods increase the temperature of your body.
  3. WEAR SUNGLASSES AND LIGHT COLOURED COTTON CLOTHES – You should wear sunglasses before exposing your eyes to the hot sun in summer in order to protect your eyes and you should wear light coloured cotton clothes as light coloured cotton clothes reflect the sun’s heat back and keep our body cool unlike the dark coloured cotton clothes which trap the sun’s heat and increase the temperature of our body.
  4. VISIT COOL PLACES – One should save money and plan a trip with their family during the summer vacation , to a hillstation inorder to beat the heat during summer.
  5. PLANT TREES – Every human being should plant as many trees as possible as we know trees keep the temperature cool and attract rain on the Earth.
  6. MINIMIZE USING AIR CONDITIONS / REFRIGERATORS – As the AC’s and refrigerators which we use releaseChloroFlouro Carbon which facilitate the ozone layer depletion and cause global warming ,so the use of these appliances should be reduced.
  7. COLD WATER BATH–During summer you should have cold water bath to reduce the excessive heat of your body.
  8. EAT FOODS THAT REFRESH YOU – You should consume watermelons, cucumbers, green salad.etc. which will refresh your body.
  9. CREATE AWARENESS– Awareness should be created using the media so that the people may know the ways by which we can contribute to reduce the increasing temperature in summer.
  10. PRAYER – We should pray to God to change our minds and help us to find better solutions which will keep us as well as his creation safe and sound on the Earth . And help us reduce the increasing temperature to normal temperature during summer, so that we all can survive in a healthy environment.

I hope our prayers will work miracles ,only if we use our mind wisely and work towards achieving our goal.

Author – RIVA NORONHA, GOA (CARMONA), a participant of International Essay Contest




  1. Very good article. Every1 should realize the mistake make and take measures to prevent global warming individually. Good work Riva.


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