Swachh Bharat Abhiyan | Clean India Mission

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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or clean India mission is celebrated on 30th January and also on 2nd October to remark the importance of cleanliness. Mahatma Gandhi was the first one who started this program. He took broom in one hand and started to sweep the roads. He did not ask to do this from anyone. He did not have any mean in this. He wants only to clean his home, his country.

What’s new in this? We all are well known from this but used to forget this as sun sets in the west. From the very next day, we start to throw peels on road and also to burn huge amount of wastes without separating them which might include plastic and other non-disposal garbage.

Today plastic is playing the role of villain and we are the part of this army of this villain who are supporting this after knowing its consequences. We should not throw garbage on the road. We should not burn plastic. We should not do many this that can harm our country and hence in same we are living. So to avoid such things there are some innovative ways that can help us to achieve the title of clean and green country:

  • 3 R’s:- Reuse, reduce and recycle. The most powerful weapon that can make bends any quantity of garbage in front of it. Reuse is the best way as we can use empty pickle bottle for storing purposes instead of buying a new one and discarding the pickle bottle. This hence we reduce and by this we can save the money and country from the mountain of garbage. The recycling of anything whether it’s a bundle of newspaper can save our country.
  • Plastic bricks:-This sounds odd, hence works unique. The idea of collecting garbage into a plastic bottle and make it so hard that there will no air resides inside it and use it in place of bricks for constructing houses. This can solve the problem of disposal of plastics and also will save the bricks which can be used for other purposes. This idea even had started in many schools to collect such plastic bricks by students.
  • Group cleaning:-There should be made compulsory for every school to take a rally in about 2 km area once in week in which students will collect the dry waste which develops the habit of cleanliness and hygiene in our future generation. It also encourages students to do work in group and learn the importance of team. They will follow the same at their home side if once this habit has been developed.
  • Cloth bag: – this is the best way to keep our country pollution free. We should carry cloth bag as this can be needed anywhere and also by this we can reduce the usage of plastic bags.
  • Creation of new devices: – as on 19th November Archit Agarwal  has given the new way to live as he has created a device named “sanitation for women”. This device helps women to avoid bad and unclean toilets and can secrete anywhere with the help of this device. If we came across with like these new devices then no people need to secrete on the road and this will be beneficial to us only.
  • Needs to develop the mentality: – Indians understood themselves as modern but they are not even little civilized as newly built bridge in Delhi has proved this once again. People from far distance coming here to just take selfie and to make picnic on bridge. Their picnic has spoilt the beauty of the bridge as people started to litter on it which has increased the chances of accident. So to avoid this, government should make strict laws like heavy penalty which might bring change in the society.
  • Join to initiatives: – we should join ourselves to any group that works for and serve country. As 2018’s ambassador Shilpa Sethi is discouraging people from littering on roads. We should also to join them and for this we can start with our local areas.
  • Pick up your dog’s poop:-while taking your dog for walk, take care of poop that your dog drops while moving as the animals’ dung can be the factor for bad sanitation.

These are just ways to do but if we follow these, other countries will follow us and nothing will be bigger than this and Gandhi’s dream will surely came true. This can be happen only by mutual cooperation and by the principle which states that “WE DON’T LITTER NOT OTHER ALLOW TO DO IT”

According to world health organization (WHO) many lives have been saved, thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi who has restarted this program after Gandhi ji and also to improved sanitation which has prevented many children from becoming victims of diarrhea mosquitoes but it still needs an improvement as this improved ratio is very small.

World Toilet Day and other days and programs are celebrated to mark its importance as people can realize their mistakes and can move forward towards new steps. In the meantime of this mission, CM Adityanath has also banned gutkas, paans and other which can make government buildings dirty to give flame to this mission and also Mr. Narendra Modi has asked government employees to give their only 100 days out of 365 days to maintain beauty and cleanliness of their own country.

“We all have the same dream that clean India will be ours.”

We should feel proud when we serves our country and to our countrymen. We should all try to contribute towards the aim of completion this mission on 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi which is in 2019. We should warmly welcome this mission as popular saying is “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

We all know that goddess lakshmi lives in a clean environment, so if we want to call us once again country of golden birds, then we have to keep our surrounding clean.


Author Bio :  Sakshi Agarwal15 years old girl from Agra,India. A participant of International Essay Competition, November.


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