Why should we love Summer?

Photo: zeenews.india
Photo: zeenews.india

Well said—

“Trees are laden with the mangoes,

Loo blowing on the land doing Tango!

Water melons and coconuts,

Have more, to be hydrated enough!

Sprinkle talcum and spay deodorant,

To remain fresh and let stay away the odor!”

Summer is the most underestimated season because of the irritation caused by heat and problems related to it, but the season lets us enjoy delicious mangoes and other tropical fruits, slurp different drinks, do swimming and many more amazing stuffs.

But the most important of them all is the month long vacation, especially for children.

Well, no doubt, summer has its delights but it cannot make us ignore its problems. There are many people who lose their lives due to loo or stoke etc. One cannot enjoy all the glees every second, especially if one has a field job. Due to extreme sweating, summer is also notorious for unhygienic and nauseating problems like prickly heat.

The average temperature during summers has been reportedly increasing due to green house effect and global warming. Not mere humans, but plants and animals are also victims of this crisis.

But as they say—

“Lock and key are always made together.”

The problem is obviously huge but simple yet effective habits can improve it.

Well said—

“Every single step counts,

Journey of miles, starts with a step.

Try at least and glimpse what you found,

A triumph, to try more, I can bet.”

Hydration is the most important factor to remain healthy in summers. But the trick is to drink only to fletch the thirsty; not to complete 8 glasses. Other drinks which refreshing and boosts energy are lemonade and coconut. But one should avoid extracting juices from fruit but rather eat the fruit as whole which is more beneficial.

Cleanliness is something which is must around the year but during summers, it is obligation. One must avoid wearing same socks for consecutive days and if possible, one should wear comfortable slippers, sandals, flip-flops etc to let the feet breathe. Summers are not meant for heavy makeup or cosmetics, rather one should avoid such things to avoid clog pores, pimples etc and let the skin inhale.

Deodorants and talcum powders are ought to in summers but excessive of anything is bad. There should separate handkerchief for swabbing sweat and drying hands.

Truly said—

“We, plants and animals

On Earth, are equally compatible.

Since we call ourselves humans,

We need to illustrate humanity.”

Heat is indiscriminant to all living beings. We call ourselves so called ‘the most intelligent species,’ so; we must showcase humanity to all. Keeping water on terrace and near roads can help poor animals fletch their thirst. Plants also need water to keep doing their charity work.

Though it is difficult to grow plants in summers but as a precaution, we must grow plants in public place to provide shade to all living beings and also these trees will decrease the intricacy of global warming.

Justly said—

“There are many misconceptions,

and some unanswered questions.

Not every tradition is unjustified,

Many are vindicated and need to be dignified.”

Drinking water and bathing just after coming back from outside or while sweating can be fatal as it causes temperature imbalance. Drinking water while eating dilutes the hydrochloric Acid in stomach leading to incomplete digestion and pathogens not killed. Lassi or buttermilk is not just great substitute to water to have with food. Putting some mint leaves increases the freshness of the lemonade.

So, summer can be enjoyed but with some precautions. Summer is the abode of beautiful memories since one’s childhood. Every year new memories join the old one and older ones kindle with the loved one.

Aptly said—

“Oh summer!

Beautiful summer,

Come early, this year as

I’m waiting for the holidays to play.

Mangoes, melons and lemons,

I wanna swim in gallons.

Oh summer!

Beautiful summer,

I want to meet my brothers

And sisters at grandparents’ house.

Wanna teach them how to pout.

Oh! I want to have a great time,

Come early this year for dreams of mine.”

Author Name- Tushar Mandhan, Age- 17, Kurukshetra, an outstanding participant of International Essay Contest


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