Stress Management


A stress is a problem and incurable disease in itself. Stress is the worst thing, it can kill you and also the people around you. There are numerous who hospitalize for the mental disorder every year. Stress plays a key role in this. When you have control on yourself, you are the king of the world. There are many people around us who have different manners in controlling it as such my friend draws pencil strokes on clean paper, another one tear up the pieces and me closes myself in the room while rest have different creative minds. These are the ways to show your frustration instead of loosing it.

Stress level is for who thought that they have problems in their life but do we really have that much problems. See the people around you and then at your biggest problem. You will found stress is gone.

Whenever you feel there is problem knocking at your brain. Open the door warmly and arrange a tea meeting. It means give yourself time to find out solution because disturbing other things will create a mess in your life. Every disease has bad effect on body and the example of Natasha Didee proves the stress, as an incurable disease. She lost her stomach because tumour had taken the shape of the stomach and it was taken out to save her life. Doctors told her stress became a reason to rise as tumor. This level of stress can attack on your precious life.

An impatient person can too apply brakes, if you have strong determining power. And this is very easy to achieve in these time. Attend laugh clubs as much as you can. Laughing is the best medicine. Help the poor people. The sparking smile on their faces will glow your heart and you will be able to recognize the actual level of problems. Pen down things which irritates you a lot and blow it as a aeroplane.  You will feel happy after doing it. Listen happy music or make it your phone ringtone. Music will be best to use as stress beater but try to listen the slow music which relaxes your mind. Start meditating daily. Meditation does not take your whole day not even a particular time. Choose the time which is relevant to you the most and get 10 minutes from your hectic schedule which isn’t a toughest problem at all. It will allow your mind to be in control and talk positively to others even if they are the cause of your problem.

It sometime happens when we try to manage our stress but in between the neighbour, the parents and sometime friends become the reason to take stress more. Although they do not do it intentionally, but we may feel so. So, managing the stress means start thinking things from positive aspect. This is the biggest weapon that can kill your stress and help in dealing negative people around you.

The thing that one should prefer to do is keep themselves busy. Spend time with your family, share problems with your loyal friends and do a part time job of jolly person for the soul bounded by the chains named stress inside you.

Stress is like the air in balloon. If it has no air, it will be in our control, but if you allow it to collect, it will burst with a pop up sound leading to difficulties at end. We all have a single life, so why to waste it in rubbish things. Live with positive attitude and enjoy the beautiful things around you that nature has gifted you. So stay calm and positive.

By: Sakshi Agarwal



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