Stress: The Silentious Killer


What’s the need to deal with stress? To get the answer we have to first of all understand what stress really is, How is it kicking us at the brink of bonafide trouble. Then actually we might do something to manage this menace. Stress being so simple in pronunciation is more complicated than we thought about it. It is, nowadays, as common in each home as the air present in the atmosphere. It scales up from something that is insignificant to something that’s important enough that it may peril your future  or in other words , it has no boundaries. Have you ever wondered about it why doctors always suggest to keep stress at a brink , when someone is diagnosed with hypertension or increased blood pressure? In real terms , stress is neither a disease nor a symptom but it is cause of number of diseases and symptoms like :

(i) immunological disorders ; (ii) cancer ; (iii) fluctuation in blood pressure ;  (iv)diabetes ;(v) Osteoporosis  (vi) Obesity & Heart disease   (vii) increased wound healing time  (viii) Cushing syndrome  (ix) elevated level of RBC (polycythemia) etc.
Among these only indigestion and depression are curable ,  yet other ones can only be prevented, not be fully cured any how. 

Etiology •

The Diseases / Symptoms caused by stress.

Imagine for waiting of the results of your boards exam. You would never be calm , feeling some mild abdominal cramps, along with an urge to defecate.

Do you know what’s happening there?
The stress or fear of low performance in results is not just a thought of yours, but it’s  a message to your Adrenal glands which are present just above the two kidneys, to secrete a hormone ‘Cortisol’ from zona-fasciculata of adrenal cortex part of the gland , that is a gluco-corticoid.
              Adrenal glands are associated with Fright Fight or Flight ( sense the fear , then either fight or run ) when you have fallen in a threat. 

The hormone cortisol increases glucose level in your blood through gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose) , and metabolizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates in order to give you energy for running or fighting , but its chronic secretion may kick-off you in serious problems.

Cushing syndrome : you may have seen some people with extremely thin legs, but with a bumpy abdomen area, and a round face. They’re victims of Cushing syndrome , which simply means that your Cortisol level is too high.

Most common of these disorder is a non-cancerous (benign) tumor of adrenal cortex called an adrenal adenoma.

Immunological disorders ::
Increased level of cortisol can decrease White blood cells concentration or in turn the immunoglobulins of a person, making it prone to mild diseases caused by virus or bacteria including flu , but these mild diseases can cost life of the victims as these are proved  to be  fatal when victim’s immunity is not so much strong.
Cancer ::
Continuous stress increases abdominal cramping and would increases Hydrochloric acid secretion in stomach. High hydrochloric acid may erode mucus lining, causes ulcers which in chronic forms are termed as peptic ulcer, that may be malignant or cancerous.

Blood pressure ::
Stress and blood pressure are directly related . Although hypertension is not a serious problem if it occurs occasionally,
but frequent and long term increase in blood pressure may cause rupture of blood vessels or blood hemorrhage.

Diabetes ::
Common of all is Diabetes. It’s making its roots deeper and deeper in every home. People are more prone to it as compared to other chronic diseases.
        Increase in cortisol increases blood glucose concentration which produces pressure on pancreas to secrete high amount of insulin to encounter hyper  glucose conditions. If this problem continues, it may require high volume of Beta pancreatic  cell to secrete sufficient insulin. Hence the cells swells up making a tumour thereby cancer. 
         If the swelling of cell doesn’t result in cancer , and secreted insulin  is not enough for raised level of glucose , it causes diabetes.
To fight Diabetes, you should :
Do daily workout  ; Avoid high carbohydrate  diet and stress ; Bask sun as much as possible to increase vitamin D , so as to lower down chances of diabetes.

Osteoporosis :

Reduce in bone density or progressive bone disease is common in those with high levels of this creepy hormone . Cortisol reduces bone formation , and also affects electrolytes balance of the body.

Obesity :

Researchers have also discovered that chronic stress can cause the body to release excess cortisol, that is critical in managing fat storage & energy consumption in individual’s body.

Contemporary, increase in blood pressure, obesity and heart problems are inter-related . Obesity enhances probability of heart attack  and Atherosclerosis by accumulation of fat in the blood vessels , increasing the blood pressure and other symptoms.

Cortisol also lengthen wound-healing time in healthy ,male adults . Those with much low cortisol shows fast healing in much less time.

Except to these , a less significant and commonly endured problem is the indigestion ,which although have many reasons for account yet stress can also be the culprit for it.

Eat something in a state of fear , Probability of vomiting and indigestion would be there at that instant.

Now the question Is HOW  TO DEAL with this crap ??????

 Answer is quite simple.

Beyond all the complications , we might notstress out ourselves for this or it maysound strange.As “prevention is better than  cure ” and here it goes ::

Short term methods :

(i) By not building up pressure in mind with insignificant things, that are not going to ruin our life .

(ii) Be cool and calm in every situation , nothing is persistent, as said by famous writer Al Byrant “An hour of anxiety can’t change my circumstances ,but a minute of prayer can alter everything”

(iii) By doing workout, giving time to our hobbies , and our loved ones . ‘ the more healthy the mind will be , the less space stress would accommodate’ .

(iv) By  doing meditation or yoga , specially the   panayama or the deep breathing exercise.  

(v) By aromatherapy , using the famous aroma of lavender and sandal wood.

                                         Long term methods :

  • Eat nutritional food , and try to not eat heavy in night time.
  • Go for a blooming walk in the morning and check out the beautiful gift by natureoutside.
  • Switch over to Homoeopathy , as it has wonder drugs to tackle stress and anxiety, without or much less side effects.
  • Indulge yourself in daily chores , not giving a room to anxiety to share with.
  • If the symptoms are contrasting a surge , then it’s time tolook for a doctor .
  • “Early to bedand Early to rise , makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise” as being quoted by

Benjamin Franklin works over here ..

People waking late night are more likely to be affected with the given troubles.

Therefore, stress isn’t just a thought of mind , it’s a silentious killer , that may threat your life if not ceased.
In the end, I’m sharing a quote of Denzae Pace , a writer , 
“Stress is the trash of modern life   we all generate  but if you don’t dispose off it properly      it will pile up and overtake your life ” —- Denzae Pace

Author: Maaz  Abdullah 


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