Silence The Fear Of Public Speaking: Tips From IB Schools In Gurgaon

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Imagine your joy witnessing your child growing up to become a highly respected leader in their chosen field: whether a CEO of a multinational company, an entrepreneur starting a new business creating employment for thousands of people or even a political leader. Every Parent knows how important it is for their child to be an effective communicator as this life skill will greatly impact their school years all the way through into adulthood. After all, we parents naturally want the very best for our children.

In this increasingly competitive world, simply hoping conventional schooling will bring out the best in your child just isn’t anywhere near enough. Your child must have to get ahead of the crowd and make their own successful way in an increasingly competitive world, that will even get more competitive.

IB school in Gurgaon helps children hone their natural speaking abilities to become confident leaders.

Let me give you some insight into how we developed the concepts behind the methodology. The management at school has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. Their interest has always been to analyze how great speakers deliver their speeches. Our team at school curated a comprehensive curriculum to build confidence that extends to stage speaking, social conversations, oral examinations, presentation skills.

Lot of emphasis is on being “natural”. We believe that every child’s personality is different. The most important Tip to silence the fear of public speaking is the “emphasis should be on being natural, being yourself”.

Let me share some Tips from IB school to Silence the fear of public speaking in kids.


Introduce creative and inspirational enriched space that offers and groom kids to become accomplished readers. Building literacy and reading skills from young will unleash creative, confident selves in our children and open up a world of endless possibilities.

Invigorating Environment

International schools choose to invest in the creation of a whimsical space that is like no other as it believes young minds flourish in a safe, fun and inspirational environment. The thoughtfully designed space accommodates curiosity of children, spurring imagination and creativity. Be it playful lit mini stages, platform stages for performances aimed at bringing out our kids greatest potential everyday.


IB schools in gurgaon follow IB curriculum. Meticulously thought-out curriculum facilitates the growth of our children.  Our hands-on learning encompasses a curated phonics and reading programme, and a speech and drama curriculum with small class sizes that fuel both collaboration and individual growth. International school in Gurgaon provides children with a dose of fun through the use of drama and literacy activities. Techniques such as imaginative play, role play, storytelling, improvisation, poems, music and movement all come together to strengthen the children’s stage fear and improve speech proficiency. Also teaches them to form ideas verbally.

Trained Educators

Educators are trained to Observe how natural the children are when speaking. So that they can help children best incorporate the speech nuances most suited for them. For example- boisterous children could use bigger hand gestures more naturally.

Beyond everything else the most importantly trained educators focus on the emotional quotient.

Emotional Quotient

We believe that having EQ and sensitive meaningful conversation and speeches are powerful skills to be successful socially in school and in the future in life.

It’s better to start incubating good speech habits in children from a young age to silence the fear of public speaking. This lights the way for the future leaders.

How parents can work at home with kids. You can help set your child on the right road to achieve all they want. By the time a child reaches adulthood the habits and mindset they will take with them for the rest of their life are permanently set.

Parents should always follow the Speech, Tonality, Appeal and Response method to transform from Inside out.

Speech– teach  your child about the different elements that make up speech such as words/ message, structure, diction, body language and gestures. Expose children to different types of speech and how to modify them according to the occasion.

Tonality– Tone is very important when speaking publicly or giving speech as it changes the meaning of words when varied. Teach children how volume, facial expressions, passion and rhythm contribute to how the message is conveyed through tone.

Appeal– First impressions always count. Parents must teach how to increase their likeability and appeal to the audience.

Response– Children should be taught how to start with knowing the response they want to get from the audience and what they need to do to then connect with the audience to get that response.

Give yourself a mental ‘pat on the back’ because your child will end up perfectly equipped with the most vital skill of all- the ability to communicate with others in a clear and decisive way with no fear of public speaking.

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