Hues of Carmine

By: Trisha Iyer

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Beguiled by his charms

I stood there dreaming

Feet on the mustard farms

I jolted screaming


A bite on my foot

Was enough to convey

The wiles in front of the truth

Felt higher in front of a krait


To those who wonder

Behold my tale

A decision turned blunder

 By a woman, so frail.


A man so charming

Never seen in the realm

I mistook him for a king

Of my life, he took the helm.


Then began the days

Of misery, murk and gloom

He and his mistress found ways,

to make my life doom.


 Back to the present

My thoughts subside

A mind filled with resent

Shattered from inside.


Ambushed by the ones I trusted

The universe taught me a lesson

For the people whom I adjusted,

were the ones convicted of treason.


Years passed, I survived

The guilt of believing

Now at a position so high

Above than that of a king


Destiny gave me a final chance

To prove my worth to the world

The universe is a greedy trance

The hurdles just swirled


Taking a step back

I reminisced my treacherous past

The time to divert the flak

To the people who look aghast.


With a voice now I stand

The world at my feet

An empire now to expand

Cheers permeate the street.


A queen now reigns

Greeting her people as her own

The once bounded by chains

Has now ascended the throne.


A woman can and will

Forge ahead in fields she desire

Sometimes sway sometimes still

Sometimes like a raging fire.

By: Trisha Iyer

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