Poem Collection By Shameela Fatima Mirza

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I wondered how it would be like,

When the evil queen sat beside,

The mirror in front of her

From which enchanted voices could be heard.


Was beauty the only reason?

For suffering of all citizen’s!

What ruined the kingdom?

Was an answer by the gilded shimmer?


My thoughts are now been saved.

When the evil queen had died in fade

But what about the reflecting surface

Was it kept inside the showcase?


I wondered what night it would have been.

When the crown was head,

When the evil got ripped,

When the light got stoned


Might the past now lives in my mind.

But still the reason is kept behind.

The day when shimmer took birth,

The day when beauty was loved


Yes , I live in fantasy,

Cause there is no place to be,

Happy and satisfied for one

People say we have one life,

But do they know, whether its a truth or a lie.

By: Shameela Fatima Mirza

Reflection to “covid” reality


Look, all these missions have ruined our vision,

One virus has ruined our destiny’s decision.

Well, do you even got the information?

That one day you will think of your own evasion.


One who thought to rule the world?

Has been quarantine in his central.

Those who dreamed to be on the moon,

Are wondering when they will see the clear noon.


A clear land, a clear sky, a clear drink,

Iswhat everyone dreams.

God heard our prayers,

And bless karma in our regime.


We, who thought to master the world.

Entertain its string with our fingers.

Never thought that destiny would show us,

The one, who in reality master us.


We who never bowed and asked help from others.

Cut corners to help others.

Are now helpless in front of him,

Had nothing but regret filled in.


We, who thought have surpass everything.

There is nothing that can stop us to achieve something,

No war, no trolls, no dream, no heights,

Have fail in front of quarantine.

By: Shameela Fatima Mirza


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