Rise of Smart Genre of Online Classes for Higher Studies and Competitive Exam

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Within a short period, Tutela has revolutionized the test preparation market for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, APS, etc., and has been consistently producing excellent results for students in countries such as India, Singapore, US, UAE, UK, Indonesia, etc.

With excellent scores in their standardized tests, their students have secured admission to some of the best universities across the globe: Stanford, Brown University, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech, USCs, Cambridge, Chicago, University of Toronto, Carnegie Mellon, Duke University, Wellesley, etc to name a few. They aim to provide an enriching learning experience together with the best test-prep assistance to ACT, SAT, IB, APs, and IGCSE aspirants around the globe. They target students of the following curricula: IB (International Baccalaureate), ICSE, IGCSE, ISC, and even CBSE.

Tutela and its teams help students improve their chances of getting their dream colleges abroad by providing them a solid academic foundation and excellent scores in standardized tests which ultimately help them add an extra edge to their college applications and prove their academic excellence to college admission committee.

Tutela was founded in January 2017 by Mr. Ashish Kumar, who is one of the well known figures in education entrepreneurship. Let’s know about this organization of excellence in more detail.

What are the primary hurdles of quality education in India according to you?

High student- to teacher ratio leaves no scope for individual attention,and effective overall progress is the biggest problem of India.Moreover, dearth of credible mentors in the current edTech space  has lead to a  compromise in  the students’  success rates 

What are the gap areas of the current Indian educational market?

Absence of test prep organizations which effectively cater to all the  disciplines i.e.  SAT, ACT, AP, IB, IGCSE is one of the gap areas where our strength lies. The market size is increasing and so is the dependency on these test-prep organizations. With such multifarious demands, the scope of customization of services has almost reduced to zero. Despite the presence of numerous platforms on paper, there is zero customer satisfaction. With pandemic, making classroom coaching almost obsolete, not many institutes are able to implement effective online teaching  methods and  processes.

Mr. Ashish Kumar, Founder, Tutela

What are your proposed solutions to the existing loopholes?

We have conceptualized the solutions based on the existing market problems. Some of the key solutions are:

  • Small batch size 
  • Dedicated online teaching  platform, which  tracks individual  performance and  keeps parents in  a loop. 
  • Result-oriented teaching with special emphasis on error correction leading  to proven  excellence.  
  • Dedicated online practice platforms 
  • One-stop solution for preparation and testing or  SAT, ACT, IB,  AP, ISC, ICSE,  IGCSE, and  CBSE Services  .
  • Customized  according to the  growing and  changing market  needs with the sole focus on  customer  satisfaction 

What are your Customer Profiles?

High School Students  

Age group: 14-17 years  

School Curricula: IB, IGCSE, ISC and CBSE  

Exams targeting: SAT, ACT, and APs 

How are you staying apart with respect to quality education, and what is your USPs?

Having been in the industry for over 10 years now, we understand how tough and overwhelming it gets for the students to strike a balance between the school curriculum and college admission requirements. At Tutela, we strive to simplify their academic journey by providing premium online test-prep assistance for ACT, SAT, APs,  IGCSE, IB, ISC and CBSE. More than anything, we value students’ time and implement a teaching plan customizable to their academic path, however tricky or unsolicited it might be.

Ensuring that there is a perfect synergy between teaching and learning, our young and highly experienced teachers are always at the beck and call of the students as true mentors. Furthermore, our study resources and online teaching methods promise a productive digital learning experience. Our results reflect our efforts. Once a student becomes a part of the Tutela family, we take care of everything— be it the entire academic  planning, test-prep needs , desired scores, personal growth, or college dreams. We promise to guide our students until they get a score which makes you proud of yourself. Tutela, as a team, takes pride in its work and is known for the unwavering dedication with which it works toward fulfilling the academic dreams of the students. Students and parents value the experience and the warmth and the advanced learning environment provided at Tutela.

How has Tutela improved digital learning for the exam aspirants?

Tutela’s Online learning platform (OLP): This one-of-a-kind adaptive platform helps students achieve impressive scores in standardised tests, specifically ACT. With access to a plethora of customized  practice drills, full-length tests, college prediction feature detailed reports, 24*7 teacher guidance along  with the engrossing gamification of the entire platform, this product perfectly simulates our classroom  teaching style that too in today’s scenario of absolute digital learning. Tutela’s online teaching- learning platform (or OTLP) is carefully designed to redefine the online teaching system. This in-house online teaching platform forms a perfect synergy between student teachers-parents and makes the otherwise overwhelming process of attending online classes absolutely easy and streamlined.

Tutela India- The importance of building a solid academic base in grades 9th to 12th is usually understated.  Tutela India realizes this and aims to provide result-driven Science, Maths, and Economics Online/Offline. Tuitions for CBSE, ICSE, and ISC students from classes 9th to 12th.

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