The Value of Sports

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Sport is an activity including physical exertion and skill. Sports are done for entertainment. Sports are essential to a student, due to it improves the personality of a student. Sports help to reduce stress and to improve sleep. Not only that but also, it builds healthy bones, muscles and increases fitness. Individuals or a team compete against another at a sport. When we compete as a team, sport becomes a team work. Then sports help to socialize and to improve cooperation skills.

Types of sports:

  • Partner sports
  • Team sports
  • Extreme sports/ alternative sports/ action sports
  • Individual sports

Football, hockey, basketball, rugby, cricket, water polo, baseball, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis are team sports. There should be a high-speed in extreme sports. And also, there is a high risk in those sports. Cave diving, ice climbing, ice hockey, inline skating, free climbing, freestyle motocross, mountain biking, heli-skiing, limbo skating, volcano boarding, base jumping are extreme sports. Badminton, cycling, golf, skiing, boxing, bowling, wrestling, martial arts, tennis are individual sports.  

Advantages of sports:

  • Reducing stress.
  • Lowering blood pressure and body fat.
  • Reducing anxiety, risk of diabetes.
  • Being a nice hobby.
  • Improving overall health (mental health and physical health).
  • Increasing the fitness.
  • Meeting friends due to team sports.
  • Improving the self-confidence.
  • Getting experiences of both victory and defeat.
  • Being able to bear defeats.
  • Being able to do sports as a profession (earning money).
  • Learning to deal with people and conflicts.

Athletes experience both victory and defeat at a sport. We don’t always get, what we expected. We automatically get the ability to bear difficult situations by sports. Some people tend to do suicides due to they can’t bear their current situation, and they don’t have self-confidence to face the problems. Sports improve the self-confidence and give moral to face problems without escaping. When students do sports, they automatically get exercises too. Exercises can improve immune system, and then diseases and illnesses are prevented. Physical health of a person is improved by sports. Due to having good fitness, work becomes easy in our day today life. Work can be continued cheerfully, and less time is spent to complete work. Students should be familiarized with sports since their childhood. Then a good labor force can be obtained in the country. Doing sports is a good hobby, when we do a preferable sport.

When sports are practiced, students/people meet lots of friends. Then they share their experiences. Those experiences are helpful to learn many things. 

Not only physical health, mental health can also be improved by sports. Today many people are suffering from stress. Regular exercise can reduce stress. We get good exercise from sports. Sports strengthen our mind, and then our mind can tolerate any harsh situation by avoiding over thinking. We lose sleep due to stress. When a person doesn’t get proper sleep, he becomes ill and immune system becomes weak. Athletes get a strong mind by improving self- confidence through sports. Quick decisions have to be made in a sport for victory. This ability is helpful in real life decision-making. Courage is also improved. Positive thoughts are improved by sports, personality is developed and a person doesn’t underrate himself. Otherwise negative thoughts reduce our effectiveness. 

Sports are always not for strong people and competitors have to use their intelligence or any other skill at some sports. Chess is important to improve intelligence, mathematics and logic. When sports such as Taekwondo, Karate are practiced, our self- defence can be managed by ourselves without others’ help at an annoyance. Physical and mental health can also be improved. Skills like kicking, punching, body techniques and self- defence techniques are taught in those sports. Sports can improve bodily and kinetic skills, interpersonal intelligence, logical and mathematical skills.

 Due to the fact that there are a lot of talented people, extra-curricular activities are considered at the enrollment for many career opportunities. Sport is a good extra-curricular activity and it helps to become specific from other talented people in a career opportunity or in an interview. Challenges and tasks can be accepted and tasks can be completed without any hesitation due to obtained self- confidence through sports. Therefore, employers don’t have to worry about employees. The value of sports to a student’s life is immense. It can affect our future as well as present. Sports can make a path to have a good future.

Some disadvantages of doing sports.

  • Sports equipment is expensive.
  • Time consuming.
  • Happening injuries.
  • There should be a good trainer.
  • Serious pressure.
  • Some sports are not healthy.
  • Outdoor sports depend on the weather. Example: rain-cricket.

Those disadvantages depend on the sport, what the individuals choose. People should be able to balance their time with sports and today’s work. Athletes should have time to participate in practices, competitions. Students/people should select a capable sport. And also, they should avoid doing multiple sports. Then nothing can be done correctly. And also, they don’t get enough time to balance his/her sports and other tasks. Athletes should practice under a trainer. Then serious injuries can be avoided. Muscle problems, breaking bones happen while doing sports. Athletes have to spend money for transport cost, clothing (swimming kits) at participating competitions. Sports equipment is not cheap. When athletes do outdoor sports, they have to face weather problems. When cricket matches are played, the ground should be in good condition. The good condition of the ground is destroyed when it rains. Then matches were postponed, and some teams didn’t get better opportunities. 

Doing sports is important to improve our mental health, and physical health. And also, doing sports is a good extracurricular activity. People get lots of good job opportunities, due to the fact that they used to be athletes. 

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