National Sports Day – National Sports Day is celebrated every year in India on August 29, the main purpose of celebrating National Sports Day on this day is the great hockey player Major Dhyanchand Ji was born. Hockey which is the national sport of our country, Major Dhyanchand has been a famous player in this sport. That is why National Sports Day is celebrated as his birthday.

National Sports Day

Nachand Ji was born on 29 August 1905 in Allahabad. Dhyanchand ji joined the army in 1922 and after four years, Dhyanchand ji was selected in the Indian hockey team on tour to New Zealand. In 1928, when the Indian hockey team went to play the Olympics, in which the Indian team led by Dhyan Chand, 6-0 to Australia, 3-0 to the Netherlands, apart from this, all the teams in their remaining matches were dusted off and won the first Olympic gold medal. Major Dhyanchand was awarded the title of ‘Hockey Wizard’ on this victory.

The Berlin Olympics started in 1936 in which the Indian hockey team performed well under the leadership of Major Dhyanchand and entertained the spectators. The Indian team showed the best performance to the German team, this great match was seen by the German dictator Hitler himself, the Hitler himself could not get the guns, swords, he was defeated by hockey wizard Dhyanchand on his own game. Forced. Even after the biggest greed, Dhyanchand turned down every offer of Hitler and gave up his life in the service of the Indian Army and Hockey. For which in 1956 he was awarded the title of Padam Bhushan. In 1948, Dhyanchand Ji retired from hockey and died on 3 December 1979 due to an illness.


This National Sports Day is celebrated in schools, colleges, and in particular sports academies. The main objective of celebrating this day is to make more and more youth (youth) aware of sports so that their attention is also directed towards sports other than education and they can be explained the importance of sports. Removing youth from drugs through sports is the key to improving their talent and raising India’s name on the world stage

This National Day is celebrated every year in Rashtrapati Bhavan and the President of the country honors the best performing players for the country among themselves, among which the Dhyan Chand Award, National Award, Arjuna Award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award are also presented to the players. Many more awards are also awarded.

There was a time when sports were not given any importance at all, time was often called here.

If you read and write, you will be the Nawab If you jump, you will be bad “

But the rapidly changing world has also increased the importance of sports. In today’s time, new career opportunities are being started in sports too. Players from a small village are participating in their competitions by participating in the world’s sports competitions. On the strength of our own, and the name of our country is being illuminated, due to which the importance of sports is continuously increasing in our India, in which more than one is becoming an example for the country of India based on its skill.

By Simrat Kaur


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