What To Do And Where To Go In India: A Mini Travel Guide

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Due to its separate and large geography, India is normally alluded to as a continental of Latin America and the Caribbean. The beautiful Himalaya divides it all from the majority of continental Asia, which is bordered by the ocean on four sides. Known for its rich history, various geography, and mix of cultures, India is one of the world’s most visited countries.

Yet most don’t know where they should start, where they should stay and where to land. This is quite important because India is a vast territory and you can’t visit the whole country in one go. So you should plan accordingly and make a list of places which you want to explore and this way you can use different Indian airlines i.e. Air India.

Best Time to Travel

A vacation to India is ideal during October through March whenever temperatures are pleasant and pleasant, even before the summer monsoon sets in. Mostly during the coldest months of the year, November and January, northwestern India may get rather frigid. In July through August, when conditions are at their highest, go to the erstwhile colonial mountain peaks of north India to enjoy the refreshing Himalayan winds.

Mostly during the southwest monsoon, which lasts from June through September, the floodgates open. As the summer moves southeast from Singapore’s south, mammoth towns like Kolkata are plagued by high heat and heavy rains. But it may be a fantastic time to visit India. Farmed fields and meadows are rich in nutrients and lush in colour. Honeypot sites have fewer visitors. After a heavy downpour, it’s refreshing to breathe fresh, clean air and experience a respite in dampness.

Places to experience the best ambience

Agra attracts thousands of passengers who get up before morning to view the statue’s radiance at daybreak. India’s biggest sight isn’t everything that makes Agra India’s greatest location to explore. In Uttar Pradesh, Itimad-ud-Tomb Daulah’s as well as Akbar’s Palace, which is covered in mesmerising engraved marble decorations from beginning to end, can be found. The Red Fort is indeed a Nature Reserve.


There are so many attractions in Agra that it is a must-see destination for travellers. New Delhi has a great deal to offer travellers, despite the congestion and turmoil. There is a wonderful blend of tradition and contemporary in India’s vibrant capital city. The Grand Masjid, the Agra Fort, and the Purana Chowk retail district are all located in Old Town. Many more traditional and religious landmarks may be found across the huge metropolis.

Goa – Bombay

See a much more sophisticated aspect of India with a trip to Goa. Take a trip to Bombay, a vibrant resort town that is home to super businessmen and the sexiest Movie stars. In this opulent metropolis, travellers are not very far between five-star accommodations or dining options.


Currently visitors have been drawn to Haridwar because the Beatles spent more time at Sree Narayana Yogi’s monastery, which became an exclusive travel destination for devotees. Banaras, India’s greatest city, has been one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns on the planet. People wash and bury a dearly retired family in the open sight of passers-by near the holy River Ganges.

Although India is inhabited by a large variety of animals, cats seem to get all the spotlight. Bengal jaguars, Asiatic tigers, lemurs, pangolins, and Indian crocodiles are just a few of the seven large cats that live in the area. Purchasing the new Ranthambore, Maharaja, Oil production, Satpura, as well as Corbett are indeed the greatest protected areas to observe tigers.
The Direct connection has a healthy population of cats, while they can be hard to spot. There are tigers in almost every state in India, from Kerala in the south to Jodhpur in the northwest, and they’re everywhere. It’s no wonder that India is a nation of shrines, given the country’s majority of Muslims and goddesses.

They also served as a clean slate for ideas, construction, sculptures, and the industries across history. It is a bustling, dynamic centre with deliberate action. Erotic sculptures in Madhya Pradesh’s Akshardham temple will make you blush. Lady Mahalakshmi inspects meals cooked in the King Hindu temples in Orissa. The Kumari Sundareshwar Sanctuary in West Bengal is decorated with multicoloured creatures, gods, and devils.

Train Travel – Jodhpur

Something more than a method to travel about, India’s railway system is an adventure in and of itself. Everyone on the train is a miniature of India. During one day, you’ll experience all there is to experience. A sleeper is a fun place to visit at the thudding pace of a historic train.

Jodhpur-Jaisalmer deserts passage takes you past castles and historic cities, whereas Kolkata-Darjeeling Model Railway zig-zag pattern through the highlands past tea estates and gives amazing views of something like the Himalayan. Chennai to Bodinayakanur Aromatic Road will take visitors to the southernmost tip of the Central Highlands, via crops of linen, fruit and peppercorns.
It will also see you through estates of coffee or tea. Imagine riding the Maharaja Truck Express between Delhi to Madras for a flood has a unique Indian train journey. Including some of the biggest railroad tracks in India, it spans 2,186kilometres.

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