Remarkable Indian Culture which Makes INDIA Standout


“Bharatha desamendru peyar


Bayang kolluvar thuyar pagai


  According to this slogan of Bharathiyar, our nation is considered to be a special nation. More than 100 crore people are living in India. In these different religions, different languages, different styles of clothing, different types of food, different types of jewelry, Different in habits but in their mind thinking all are Indians and they are inter connecting in culture and making India as a Unity in Diversity country. The marriage tradition in Indian culture has been considered as the most important and more notable one as it follows the one woman for one man culture and it also made other countries to look after India for its unique tradition. Yes. In this modern age, living in harmony with one another, living with compromise, that is, it is impossible for one person to live for other person.

From the parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, in all these bonds misgivings form and separate them. This is a thing which happens in all parts of the world. But, the marriage culture in India which connects two souls makes the western countries to look back. For whatever reason despite the adversity husband for wife and wife for husband is ready to face anything, lose anything, compromise for anything, and they are also ready to lose their lives. Yes. Couples united in death, this news can be seen in Indian newspapers only. Generation has changed but the lavishness has been an integral and indispensable part of Indian marriages. Marriage is taken as an institution where not only two people but two families get united. So it is called for boisterous celebration full of music and dance. In India, every caste and communities have their own method of performing marriages. They have different types of clothing in marriages. Punjabi people perform “Roka” in wedding ceremonies, Sindhis perform the “Berana”, but the most common of all is the ritual of “Hast milap” ceremony called “Paanigrahan sanskaar”. “Nikaah” is the popular way of Muslim marriages. The groom’s family gives “mehar” (nuptial gift) to the bride in this auspicious occasion. Every state has its special way of celebrating marriage ceremony. The concept of arranged marriage in India has its origins in the Vedic period. As a part of the marriage function “swayambar” a ceremony for the bride is held in royal families. From all over the kingdom suitable grooms were invited to compete in some competition and win over the bride or the bride would herself choose her husband. The ceremony of wedding begins at advance in India. The wedding ceremony in India is like a festival, all around festivities and celebrations create an excitement. These festivities do not end in one day and they will continue for two three days. Arranged marriages still remain the majority preferred way for Indians to enter into matrimony in India. Parents and other relatives decide on a life partner that they deem suitable for their child, in arranged marriages.

In Hindu marriage ceremonies “Saptapadi” is the most important rite. Saptapadi, this word means that ‘seven steps’. The couple legally become husband and wife after the seventh step. This is sometimes referred as ‘saat phere’. In ancient times “Polyandry” and “Polygyny” are types of marriage followed and it is still evident in some religions. The concept of arranged marriage is very popular among Indians and it is a part of the “Indian tradition”. Marriage is making bondage in everybody’s families. This marriage culture is based on love which makes Indian people to say I am an Indian and makes them to feel proud.


By G.Dharshini ,   STD VII ,   Sri vageesha vidhyashram,   11 years ,   Trichy-06.


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