The Richness of Indian Culture


There is a famous quote on India which is “Unity in Diversity” which speaks about the cultural differences, traditional differences of India yet all the people live together as one despite of all the differences. This is the unique feature of India. Probably how much ever these type of quotations can speak about Indian culture but it is definitely incomparable with the actual richness in culture and tradition of India.

India is called a unique place not only in geographical terms but also in the terms of culture and tradition that India posses and this rich culture and tradition have become our identity.

There is not only richness in culture which exhibits unique nature but indirectly this results in the development of the country. Unlike other countries, India which is a developing country, inspite of all its differences in religion , caste , culture etc it stands together as one. This is what which makes India unique. Hence Indian culture plays a cardinal role in development also and makes India standout.

India is a land of tourists. India has always been a center of attraction to people all around the globe due to its vibrant culture, richness in tradition , how people perform their rituals , their food habits , their dressing style , their dance , their marriages and each and every thing possible.

Though every country posses its own tradition, culture yet India is considered as the only unique place which exhibits an assemblage of different cultures and traditions which is different from the other countries.

India which is often called as the heritage land also posses few remarkable structures , sculptures, architectures, buildings, paintings , which portray their tradition. This is not found anywhere else across the globe. This is also a reason which makes India rare, incomparable and unique.

When the word tourists comes into the picture, then the famous quote “Atithi Devo Bava”also becomes an integral part of it. This quote or a catchy line perhaps is not only a way of attracting tourists but also explains the beautiful Indian culture which talks about the remarkable relationship between the host and the guest.

India which is having 29 States and 7 Union territories has recognised and has considered 23 official languages. Each state of India has its own type of tradition, culture and its own significance. In each state the type of clothing of people, the way they perform the rituals, their celebrations of festivals , their customs , their dance is so different. For example taking dance as the main concern, from Bhangra in north to Kathak and Kuchupudi in the east to Dandiya in the west to Bharatanatyam in the south, each and everything is so different and unique. Yet despite of all these differences Indians stand together as one and live in peace and harmony and prove the notion “Unity in Diversity”. This is so special , different and solitary which makes India standout from other countries.

In conclusion,  the tradition or the culture of India which roots up itself in simplest forms like humanity in aspects of respecting elders, treating guests as god, to perform various types of rituals and traditional activities makes India standout from other countries. Thus India is a melting pot of cultures and traditions and that itself makes it exclusive and standout amongst other countries. Yes I can proudly say that India is my country and I am an Indian!!

Writer: Neha SV from Mysore


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