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This is to announce that monomousumi is going to telecast its first talk of its talk series this Sunday at 3pm through Facebook LIVE on the topic “Upgrading Writing and Speaking Skills“. There will be 4 speakers who will share their experiences and help the youngsters in upgrading their skills. Our team members will be LIVE to answer your all the queries. You can type your queries in the comment section and your replies will be given judiciously. At last, let us convince you that this would not be a promotional talk, but an initiative to make the Monomousumi platform more interactive and informative. Stay tune, invite your friend/relatives to like us and join us for the talk.

Details about the event:

Agenda: Upgrading writing and speaking skills

Timing: 3-3.30pm

Telecast platform: Facebook LIVE  and subsequently in YouTube.

Short Details of the Speakers

Ms. Rushika J. Hathi

Rushika Hathi is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach & TEDx Unplugged Speaker. Ms. Rushika J. Hathi has recently awarded as Glorified Trainer, 2019, Magnificent Trainer, 2018 and Excellent Transformational Trainer,  2017 by I.M.Possible Training Solutions. She is author of book called “Make Your Life Ridiculously Amazing”

Rushika a name among common public was looking for self development and society’s growth. She is from simple background having trained 50000+ participants on Career Guidance, Interview Tactics, Personality Development, Recruitments, Parenting, Creativity in Teaching, Stress Management, Public Speaking, Sales Secrets, How to promote yourself?, Success Steps, Communication and Presentation Skills, Employability Skills, Dealing with Exam fear etc.

She is a girl started her journey with Chartered Accountancy course came to Ahmedabad from Porbandar, failed for 7 times and she has to quit the same. But interest level in dealing with people, she started with Masters in Human Resource Management. She worked with recruitment consultancy and started training recruiters, students, conducting seminars, workshops etc. She wanted to create awareness in oneself. Now she is successful Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach & Corporate Trainer. Apart from being a trainer she is into writing blogs & articles.

Mobani Biswas

She was a soft skills trainer for a period of 1 year where she helped students to improve their etiquettes, writing and speaking skills. She has completed her B.A(honours) in English literature from Delhi University and then pursued Masters in English Literature from the University of Allahabad, she is currently pursuing B.Ed with the aim to teach and share her knowledge with the children who are the future of our country.

Bhupesh Vaidya

Bhupesh Vaidya is a research scholar currently pursuing doctorate in philosophy in Neuropharmacology from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Mohali, Punjab. He is working in the field of drug discovery for the brain ailments. He also writes quotes and small poems in his free time. 

By profession he is in the field of drug discovery and I am currently doing my doctorate in the field of neuropharmacology from NIPER Mohali.

Beside sharing some of his experience related to writing and editing of book,he would like the share some of my knowledge about my research field neuropharmacology.

In the post corona era where the field of drug discovery is expected to receive a boost, pharmacy or pharmacology as a profession is going to receive a huge boost especially in terms of funding for research and development. But despite the viral research which is being talked about at the moment, there are a lot many other diseases which also need important attention for example say stroke or what actually leads to paralysis, it kills comparable number of people each year say which is approximately 8 lacks. Same goes around for other disease like depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. A lot many names amongst the list you might not be familiar with because a lot many times, these are not even diagnosed in our country. So there is a need to develop awareness about overall mental health and associated diseases because till the time we know what is the number which is suffering we won’t be able to provide the appropriate medications or in that matter even discover the new medicines because we don’t know that population is in need of it or not. That’s what exactly what I wanted to talk about and create a kind of health and mental awareness which is the need of an hour. One of the ways to get over the stress or the mental ailments is to get over your usual routine and that’s where writing can come in handy.

Azeem Uddin

Azeem Uddin is a researcher, novelist, published author. He has published six research papers in International journals & he has also got the certificates of participation for two International conferences held at Mumbai & Pune. He is an avid reader & always appreciates the nuances of literature. He is workaholic, self-motivated & excellent in interpersonal skills. He has written three books ( Deep Realization, Unbelievable Transformation, Perfect Goodness of Ghost) and two short stories that are available on Amazon.
He will share of his experiences on Novel writing skills. The focus points of his talk would be:
1. Significance of good written communication skills.
2. Elements of a novel.
3. Per-requisites for novel writing.
4. Stages of novel writing.
5. Steps to an unputdownable novel.
6. Characteristics of a good novel writer.
7. Don’ts for novel writing.
8. Q&A session.


  • Live training session for all the aspiring writers.
  • Awareness regarding importance of good written communication skills and book writing tips.


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