How Much Does It Cost To Fix An AC? A Detailed AC Repair Guide

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Air conditioning units play a vital role in maintaining your home’s comfort, especially during the summer. When your AC begins misbehaving, it’s often unexpected, forcing you to account for expenses that weren’t in your plans.

It’s the least fun thing to do as a homeowner and even worse when you have no idea what to expect from the quotation. Whatever the reasons your air conditioner has for breaking down, this piece will guide you through the expected AC repair costs and keep the surprise elements at bay.

General AC repair costs

On average, the more extensive the damages on your air conditioning unit, the higher the expected costs of repair. For instance, you are likely to pay about $500 to $2000 on average for major air conditioning repairs, such as changing the condenser coil or replacing the compressor.

Small repairs such as capacitor replacement, tune-up services, and fan motor repair can fetch anywhere between $125 on the lower side and $470 on the upper side. Experts recommend changing AC units whose air conditioning repair costs go beyond $2500 or become too constant.

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Air conditioning unit recharge cost

A home AC recharge service is often classified as a minor operation that should cost anywhere between $100 to $350 depending on your air conditioning unit’s model and size. The repair service takes about an hour to complete.

Compressor repair price

If you notice that your air conditioner has been emitting terrible grinding noise, you could be dealing with a loose bearing that affects the compressor’s performance. Repairing a faulty compressor costs around $150. If your compressor is beyond redemption, you might need to replace the entire component fetching about $1500 on average.

Capacitor repair costs

Changing air conditioning capacitors cost about $120 to $150 on average, including labor and component costs. However, if you decide to purchase a new capacitor, it would cost you about $10 to $23. Labor terms vary depending on the technician of your choice. Changing defective capacitors is a reasonably easy fix that should be done within an hour.

Evaporator coil repair

Have you noticed that your air conditioning unit is often frosty, reducing air quality in your home? You could be looking at a defective and frozen AC evaporator coil whose only solution is to replace. Typically, an evaporator coil fetches about $700 to $1300 to replace and get your air conditioning unit back on its feet.

On some occasions, you could be staring at an AC evaporator coil leak that takes about $1300 to $2000 to repair. Leaks in the evaporator coil develop due to volatile organic compounds combined with the air’s moisture, causing corrosive acids that eat into the evaporator coil.

AC Freon leak repair cost

Freon leak repairs can fall under minor or major repairs depending on the severity of leakage. You could get billed anywhere from $230 to $1700 to fix a freon leak depending on the amount of time it takes, the leak’s location, and the severity of the damage.

Blower repair cost

Your HVAC technician from Luftvärmepump will classify an AC blower repair under minor fixes. It can cost as little as $150 to fix your air conditioning unit’s blower. However, on some occasions, the blower could be too faulty to salvage demanding a replacement.

Replacing a blower costs typically $250 to $800 and could even go as far as $2000 in the high-end models. Your technician will inspect the condition of the blower before deciding whether to repair or replace it.

Air conditioning unit expansion valve repair cost

The expansion valve unit is responsible for changing the liquid refrigerant into moisture. Once converted into moisture, the component pushes the vapor into the evaporator coil. If a technician determines that your air conditioning unit has a faulty expansion valve, you should expect to cough out about $150 to $200 to repair it.

Duct-work repair costs

Quality duct-work ensures the delivery of cooled air throughout your home. Over time, your air vents may accumulate dirt and cracks that deter with your indoor air quality. Faulty duct-work also plays a significant role in reducing the system’s performance and energy efficiency.

Depending on the damages that the vents suffer, you may need to repair the duct-work or replace them. It takes about $300 to $500 to work on minor leaks, cracks, and clean out dirt from the duct-work. On the other hand, installing new duct-work will cost an average of $10000.

Fixing an AC drain line cost

Air conditioning unit drain lines are notorious for encouraging slime build-up, fungi, and mold growth that cause clogs. If left untreated, the drain pan can overflow and lead to water damage that eventually reduces the unit’s performance. It takes about $75 to $200 to unclog and fix the drain lines and restore flawless functionality.

Additional repair costs Fuses, relays, and circuit breakers.

If you have defective fuses, relays, and circuit breakers, it will take anywhere from $75 to $300 to repair the affected components. These components ensure the smooth flow of electric currents throughout your air conditioner to avoid surges and fires.

Thermostat repairs

Thermostats are integral parts of the air conditioning system, especially if you want to maintain the system’s energy efficiency. Before calling in a technician to repair your thermostat, consider checking if the settings are correct. General repairs range from about $70 to $120. However, you may need to replace the thermostat if the technician finds the entire component faulty beyond redemption. A thermostat replacement costs about $75 to $600 with the inclusion of labor and thermostat costs.

Air conditioning unit contactor

A contractor in your AC controls electricity measures going to various components of the system. You would expect to cough about $150 to $400 to fix or replace a contactor and get your unit running at its best.

There you have it! A detailed estimate of the expected repair costs that should reflect on the quotation sheet. Calling your technician with rough figures at the back of your mind prepares you mentally and financially.

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