All about Public Speaking and its Career Opportunities


Public Speaking is the most crucial and scary thing in all the professions. But it is the most important thing which has become now a compulsion. Public Speaking is not only speaking in front of vast audience. But it is an art of communicating information from a handful of seminar participants to millions of people watching on television. Public speaking is a must as we cannot live alone without communicating. Proper communication can lead to wonders but if poor can lead to disasters. Your words here can become your power. It has that power which can heal, motivate and transform people, a best career choice too which is mentioned further. It can lead to great earnings as well as serving the society.

There is a huge scope in Public Speaking. It includes basic speaking skills, proper body language, a set of proper knowledge, and a pinch of confidence. With these skills set we can go professionally in this field. We can opt for various career options in public speaking such as Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, Soft Skill Trainer,Business Coach, Sales Trainer, Fitness Trainer, Career Counsellor etc.

Expertise in public speaking requires differentiating between four of the key types of public speaking: ceremonial, demonstrative, informative and persuasive.

Ceremonial Speaking

These speeches are spot on special occasions. Ceremonial speaking usually is personal with an intimate emotional connection to people hearing it.

Demonstrative Speaking

Any demonstrations and role playing are types of demonstrative speaking. A demonstrative speaker may explain the process behind generating power while cycling to power a toaster, for example. The idea behind demonstrative speaking is that the audience will gain some knowledge about how to do something.

Informative Speaking

College lecture involves informative speaking as do industry conferences and public officials sharing vital information. The speaker is not trying others to get convinced. Rather he is disseminating vital information.

Persuasive Speaking

Politicians, lawyers and holy members use persuasive speaking. This type of speaking requires practicing tone of voice and nuances of language that will induce the audience on certain viewpoint. The persuasive speaker has a pledge in the outcome of the speech. The persuasive speaker uses emotional appeals and tough language in speeches.

Public Speaking career is now almost all the people are keen for as it gives them parallel income or they do not have anything to do. People are taking it on other way that if they do not have good jobs, they do not have good degree so they will go for public speaking. It is not so because your words will effect somebody’s life very deeply (positive or negative). You do not have to speak whatever you believe as it is our own belief. We have to do lots of research, reading, we have to be expert, unique, we must have best personality, quality thoughts (not false or harmful) because someone’s life is precious not a child’s play.

Moving towards earnings in this field, I can quote is it is based on our exploring and convincing capability. Generally it is on hourly basis in this field. We can work as freelancer or we can have tie up with various organisations. Roughly freelancer can earn roughly around 20-25K in rural areas and 40-60K in Metro City. Still it depends on how the person has ability to make change in society. It is a game of words. These days many good speakers are charging even 30K to 1 lac for just one session. In this profession income is based on subject you are expert as number of participants.

Many give the certification which is nationally as well as internationally valid. Few good I am listing here are I.M.Possible Training Institute(Vadodra), American Tesol Institute, K11 (for fitness), Bada Business,  Dev Gadhvi(Passionpreneur), Samanvay Group etc. It is gifted that in this profession we do not need to have any specific qualification. Any would do.

Here minimum investment is from 10k for one course as you can begin with small Train the Trainer Program or Personality program and depends on your interest. This profession is most respectable one. It always keeps you updated, energetic, knowledgeable and confident. Not only it gives you income but it gives blessings too when society is changing towards positivity or your words have made someone smile.

I can say it confidently because I myself am a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach. Since 2 years I am working in this field. It is very interesting and I am blessed to create smile by my words. I belong to Porbandar(Gujarat), I have taken my certification from I.M.Possible Training solutions, Vadodra. Mainly my target audience is YOUTH as they have power to change the world. Roughly I have trained 20,000 participants and given 80 plus seminars. I am working in 7 cities of Gujarat and this July I was TEDx Unplugged speaker. In 2017 I was awarded as Excellent Transformational Trainer and in 2018 I was awarded as Magnificent Trainer by I.M.Possible Training Solutions. Love for writing has motivated me to write a book called “Make Your Life Ridiculously Amazing” and I am launching this December. This profession has made me the best version of myself.

Writer Bio:  Rushika J Hathi, Porbandar. She is a decent personality being professional Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Life Coach who is awarded as excellent Transformational Trainer of 2017 and Magnificent Trainer in 2018 by I.M.Possible training Solutions. She is TEDx Unplugged Speaker. She believes that life is incredibly magical which will lead us to be the magician. Everything is in our hands. We can make our Life Ridiculously Amazing!



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