Reasons Why Having Faith in GOD is So Important



Yes, you read it right, the faith the belief which we all have on GOD, which gives us an inner power or an inner strength or support to face this huge world. Have you listened to the word ‘life’, it’s not just a word of four letters, it has a huge meaning- life is nothing, but a world with difficulties and challenges, which we all face in our day to day life. Sometimes we lose hope, sometimes we feel neglected, we try to find way’s to bypass or ignore these challenges, we got suppressed and sometimes wanted to escape from this huge world.

Then a lovely faith, the belief, the trust on GOD, that someone is there for us, someone is there to fight for us, positive energy which still stands with us give’s a huge power, strength to stand again, to fight this world, to overcome all the challenges, no one in this whole world is alone, no one is lonely, that small mouse or a cat surrounded by a large group of street dogs are also not alone, there is positive energy who cares for them, who gives them a strength to run for their life. But if we think out of the box then there is a small but we are all familiar with this quote

            “GOD helps exactly those 

                                 Who tries to help themselves”


And this is not just a quote or a thought, this is truth. We all know that our nature our environment only accepts those people who try to be strong, who try to show themselves a person with a willingness to achieve success and while the weaker sections are ignored…To just depend on GOD for all the stuff’s is wrong…we have to try to be strong enough even if we face a huge failure…should try to make that positive energy proud…proud of his decision to make you, Human’s are the most beautiful creature’s created by god. You should be proud that you are a human, because according to Hindu mythology after crores and crores of birth a soul gets the body of a human. So think you are wasting your precious time on getting depressed or in sadness…do have strong will power and of course a strong faith in him and walk ahead… Did you know why I named my essay “the world’s most famous faith is on GOD “. Because this faith is most common among all living beings. This is not just a faith it’s the real strength which teaches us a unique way to walk and to grab success…try to be a unique person, don’t just depend on him for everything, or to get always a silver spoon feed. Ya, I know that to write or to speak something is much, much easier than to do it. But it’s also not a joke that everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Think about that time when you were born and every one your family member’s, your mother, your father, your relative’s –everyone was very happy…but there was someone happier than anyone else…that positive energy…who had sent you on this earth to complete a task. Think about that dream’s which your parents have thought for you…so all these things decide that you are not alone at all, there is your dream’s, your parent’s belief, your bright future and of course “GOD”.        Challenges polish you; enhance your ability…whereas faith and willingness give you the strength to overcome these challenges. Success is not meant for everyone, it’s meant for those only who know how to write their own future. We all knew about the school and university exams for which we get the date sheets and timetable…but sometimes a surprise test is taken by God. Without giving any date sheets, to judge our actual potential and real faith in him…while this test millions of people are discarded and neglected…but those who even try to pass this test or who have the faith in themselves and strong faith on positive energy is passed with good grades…And then get the straight way to their dreams. Keep your goal straight, keep your dream’s with you, believe in yourself, keep a strong faith in that magical power and see the magic…the magic of your belief, the magic of your faith, and the magic of your right decision…yes, I know it’s not easy to get success at once, it takes some time…In Bhagwat Gita, it’s written that the person who faces all the difficulties without getting discouraged get’s success at last. There is a small story based on it- there was a small sparrow whose eggs were taken away by the sea waves then she challenged sea waves that if he did not give her eggs back. Then she challenged the sea that if he did not return it then she will bring drought to the sea .at first the sea laughed on her and accepted the challenge… then without getting tired she tried with all her potential …when lord Vishnu saw the hard work he sent garud devta to help her, and at last the Lil sparrow got her eggs back-See the power of faith the belief in yourself, and this story directly indicates that GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES. 

              “Keep the faith till your last breath”



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