Reality on a Pause

By: Dyuthi Raviprasada Alva

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Insisting to pour my heart
Squeeze forgotten collection-like a sauce
bottle of flavours- happiness, desolation, tearing the eye apart
Stilling my reality on a pause

Minute slices of that moment
Felt alike in a fraction of seconds,
Cherishing the scenario of the past,
Senses enthralled every second, echoing its beat in the heart.

Flashcards of the scene making,
Jottings on my thick mind wall,
Are visibly crystal clear
Memories are that’s all!

I wonder
How it was?
Am I making stupid blunder?
Or what is Future’s pros and cons?
I wonder, what…,
Oh, I stopped wondering!

By: Dyuthi Raviprasada Alva

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