Papa to Partner

By: Dyuthi Raviprasada Alva

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Hey, did you notice the title?

It is inspired from, “Parent se partner tak ka faasla tay ho jata hai!!, BYJU’S”

And yes, I said ‘inspired’, not ‘sponsored’!!

Oh wait! Is he a mind reader? That was what I thought! And then I begged, Dad please don’t do that, oh my God, please Dad, don’t do that please please! And continued for until half an hour, and then he clashed through the door, and I fell off my bed realising that it was just a freaking dream!

My dad has been always a partner for me since my childhood. I have even not imagined of him scolding me in any manner. Even if he scolded me once or twice, occasionally, the moment he starts, I would get tears in my eyes. The same thing happened with me when once I had a dream, featuring my dad about to scold, and making my mouth shut forever, because of which I kept on crying the whole night in my dream. After waking up, I hugged him very tightly and I had silent tears again!

Once, I had a dance competition. My performance was quite good and judges gave good compliments. When it was time for prize distribution, my name wasn’t announced and cried bitterly. I was quite young. That time my Dad told me to be the best all the time no matter what the situation is and has encouraged me in every aspect of my life. Whenever he encourages to participate in all the events and says never give up, I see the partner in my Papa.

My father’s and mine, Parent to partner moments became more prevalent during those Lockdown times. We both used to enjoy alot, playing carrom, watching epic series together on television and shows etc. Also we have heard everybody saying that in lockdown times, getting up very late, but I think we guys were the only ones getting up early in the morning and doing yoga together. When I was young, I use to wear his T-shirts and act like him.

Other times, was that when I didn’t used to understand those maths problems and my father immediately as a bestie partner making me understand those concepts in just minutes!

My dad is an amazing man, my all-time best friend and my forever support. I call him my superman and it means me alot.

He has always made sacrifices for me and has brought all those smiles on my face.

His place in my heart will always be special as he always makes my sadness erase. I know all the difficulties he face without letting me know. He holds my hand in all the ups and downs of my life and this makes me feel very safe and sound. He always guides me whenever I feel I am lost. He always makes me to walk on the right way if I am wrong. Whenever I failed he always tells me to try.

He always makes me laugh when I cry. My dad supports me when I am weak..

He is my lovely strong tree of the teak.

I don’t know anything about the world and others. I just know that he is my hero dad and I am his angel daughter and we both are bestie partners, forever and forever…

I love you Poppa.❤😘

By: Dyuthi Raviprasada Alva

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