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Smile is free

So, smile a lot it costs nothing

Smile is the best thing

And it is king of the kings

Smile is infectious

It can catch it like the flu

When someone smile at you

You start smiling too

Smile is contagious

Be a carrier and pass it on

It’s the key that fits

Everyone’s heart locks on

Smile is precious

It adds value to your face

It is a most precious jewel

That a human has

Smile is the best weapon

It solves every problem

Smile is the biggest weapon

It kills your haters

Smile is a powerful weapon

It can even break ice with it

Smile is the strongest weapon

It solaces the dejected souls

Smile is an art

It fills every heart

Smile is a rain

It heals the pain

Smile from the heart

It’s a lovely thought

Smile is quite a funny thing

It wrinkles your face

And when it’s gone

You’ll never find

It’s secret hiding place

Smile everyday

Smile any day

For smile you don’t need any reason

So, you can smile in any season

Smile anywhere

Smile everywhere

Smile doesn’t have any cost

So, smile the most

One smile makes two

So, let’s do

Smile is free

So, smile a lot it costs nothing.

By Rajveer Doshi

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