My Favorite Football Movies

By: Aishatu Sa'id Tanko

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I remember those days when I say that I want to be a football player every time I sat on the floor watching my best football films. It’s good to be recalling your childhood memories cause it will make you burst out into laughter_smiling and the same time enjoying your day. 

Some preferred Table Tennis while others preferred watching Basketball, everyone has his own taste but to me_I preferred Football more than every game on earth. Why because, it boost my morale when watching inspiring one’s and make me laugh every time I remember what happened. From where I can remember, I came across many football films and some were interesting while others are inspiring. From my experienced with the movies_I found some of my favorites and among them are;

Shaolin soccer ; Wow this my favorite football movie. I know that you all may have known this film, so what’s your experience with the movie? I know it was very awesome and amazing right? I remember their goalkeeper when playing the final with her skin cut head. Everybody is busy laughing at her and she kept watching them when she didn’t realize that she was at the post_and at the same time hit her skin cut head at the post. If you watched the movie, I knew you are now laughing unstoppable. And if you haven’t watch yet, better look for the movie cause it’s one of a kind.

Shaolin soccer is a Hong Kong comedy and also sports film basically on football. It was released on July 12th, 2001. It is a story of six brothers with their master who holds them as his children coaching them on martial arts. Years after their master die, each and every one of them separate from their training of martial arts skills_but this is not the end of the story, this is the beginning of the game. Shaolin monk who is the lead actor in the movie reunites his five brothers to come together and join their hands to apply their superhuman skills on martial arts to play soccer and make Shaolin Kung Fu to the people. This kept going from which they started to their local environment and up to the national level. You know it’s a tradition of a movie to either have a protagonist and antagonist. 

There lives a richest man and also the antagonist. He also have a team playing soccer in the final round with the Shaolin team also. On the final round, everybody is eager to watch the match because it consists of two strongest team. This man has seen the achievement of the Shaolin team and have seen that it’s not easy to win them so_he planned to defeat them. So what he did was, something has been injected into the body of his soccer team members to make them strong far beyond human expectation.

On the field, shaolin team find it different and difficult from the opposite side, some were injured while others legs and arms are broken. Not thinking of their goalkeeper_ he was injured so much that he couldn’t get back to the field and he was the last option they have. And boom, there comes the protagonist girlfriend and she replaced the goalkeeper. Do you know what happened? She performed it more than their expectations. 

And at the end, the football field becomes like a war field. All the antagonist players are destroyed. And the Shaolin team win the cup. That’s thrilling and I hope you enjoy the story. Do not feel uncomfortable cause I am now going to narrate to you my second favorite football movie.

2. Bigil; It’s my second favorite football movie. And it’s all about inspiring and dedication. It’s an Indian_Tamil action and sports film. It was released on October 25th, 2019. The most exciting thing about the movie is that_ the lead role team consists of only women. The lead actor in this film is “Rayyapan Michael” a gangster who turned to football to coach women only after their coach get attacked by some villains.

Many had happened during his training as a coach. He faces so many challenges when his team members doesn’t cooperate with him why because_his assailant background. This kept going from one point to another_and at last, they reached the final round, this is the most challenging part. 

As usual, they are not such a big team but they are now competing with the biggest of all. And this team belongs to the lead villain of the movie. On the final round day, they were all cheers but never expect what’s going on. On the field, their opponent’s try as hard as possible to hit them to make them fell on the ground. But that’s isn’t the end , they try their best and defeated the opposite side. Hail to them!!!

And this is my favorite football movies, I hope you enjoy it?

Thanks to the organizers of this prestigious essay because you made me to remember those days when we all are rushing to the room to watch “Shaolin Soccer”.

By: Aishatu Sa’id Tanko

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