I wish, if I can visit my mother’s womb!

aby Moves inside a Mothers Womb

People are different. They differ among themselves. Their likes, dislikes, strength, weakness, everything differs. And so only they are different! Wherever they go, they capture some moments. And those moments whether captured or not, makes them to revisit the same place again and again. Some even have a strong quest for a place which they have never visited in their lifetime. And I have a strong quest for a place, which I have visited, but never remembered! My mother’s womb! Everyone’s dream place. The place which every single soul have visited and lived for months! But never remembered nor rejoiced! The only place which can’t be bought with bucks! The only place which can’t be registered! The only place which the google maps missed! And the only place where money doesn’t matters! The only holy place which creates wonders! Hell or heaven can never ever beat it! More

than a place, it’s a feeling! A feeling of warmth! A feeing of affection! A feeling of love! A feeling of care, protection and support! Who told mothers can’t protect like fathers? She can! With her love like she did when you were in her womb. Who told people can’t breathe for others?She can as she did when you were within her. Who told no one can eat for you? She did, even those she disliked, she ate just for your sake. The ache during delivery hits the highest levels in pain that a human could ever handle. She even did that for you! The moment when she is lying in her death bed the only prayer she mourns will be for you! All those tears, and the loud noise of her voice, silently subsides just by hearing the one crackycry of you! – Your first cry! She threws of her pain to the infinity just to cherish your birth. The first time seeing you, her fingers craves for your little body and she can’t wait until the nanny hands over you, to her. She slams you against her chest, crying aloud to make the world know how happy she was – and the only reason behind was you! For your every blink, her heart beats. For your every inch of smile, her soul gets satisfied. The first time she feeds you milk – she melts in you! And there, she is reborn with you! She faces sleepless nights seeing you! Still she wants her every sleep to be with you! She dreams your future. She develop your life. With the sweet voice of yours, you call her ‘mama’ the first time keeps replaying within her, like an evergreen song, and so her soul stays tuned until her last breath! During your cute little first step of walk, she was the one, behind you holding your waist, leaving the space for you to fall, but her hands out there to make you get up without getting hurt! When you cry during your first day at school, she breaks down within herself, but still consoles you by saying, “Don’t worry beta, I am here only” and kisses your forehead. Those moist imprints becomes the first achievementsin your life! Wherever you go,whatever you achieve, when you turn back, she will be still standing there, with a silent but soulful smile, admiring you! No matter how successful you are, if you reason, just a simple smile of her, they turns out your Nobel Prizes!

If there comes a day when you can’t be with her, go to the mirror and smile a little. You can see her glimpses within you! The joy of her smile, the soul of her body, the beats of her heart and the breaths of her life – everything names you! The only route to her womb lies in her happiness.

Take your travel and you can spectacularly feel it!

Author Bio: AMALA.L, a 16 years old from ERODE participated in International Essay Contest held in March 2019




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