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Travelling is India, Beauty of India

Photo: M K Paul
Photo: M K Paul

The scenario of today’s developing world is acquainted to us as crowd with stress, weariness , anxiety and frustration . We are known to the consequences  of these states of body, and so we are on the way to discover new, easy, interesting and effective methods to deal with these daily fatigue and exhaustion. Yoga , plays , swimming and resting in silence are some of the good ways however, according  to  me ,the best recreation activity to deal with those is travelling to new places. Its not only effective way but is interesting,  full of fun and information as well as refreshment. School holidays and vacations are the  best time to travel and enjoy with family. Travelling is fun and knowledge  oriented. The place  that I choose as the best for travelling is India. There are various ways to visit India  and whatever the medium is whether  trains, aeroplanes or waterways , the journey  would definitely  go very attractive. 

The reasons why one will chose India are as follows:-

(1)India is peace oriented. Although there is rich diversity in language, culture , clothing etc. but these differences give way to extreme close relationship among the citizens of India. Then aren’t there any conflict among different groups  of  people? Yes, there is but since India is a democratic  country,  there are extraordinary and harmless ways to deal with these conflicts. It is the first reason why I choose India as my dream place to visit.

(2)India, is also renowned for various old shrines and temples which hold a great significance in its glorious history. These temples are even famous at the world level. The historical stories including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are the most famous and memorably important in  India. The various vedas about which we read today were originated here or manually written by the very famous and wise rishis or saints of that time.

(3)According to our textbooks, the zero and the decimal system which have a crucial role in today’s  mathematics were India’s  contribution to the world of mathematics. From the birds eye view, India has been master of the world in terms of knowledge and simplicity. And definitely these achievements of India attracts me.

(4)Not only in terms of knowledge but India has also rich cultural heritage. Although there are variations in people’s culture and caste yet they equally treat and respect all other castes.This is what makes a country  prosperous. Hence, India possesses  unity in diversity.

(5)The landscape of India is full of beauty. Somewhere green and grassy meadow , some places are naturally bestowed with undulating and snowy hills and mountains as well as there are various  natural and man made lakes with crystal clear water which shine with sunrays during daylight hours and appears pearly white in the moonlight at night. India is a peninsula with three seas coverings its coastal sides and the Himalayas in the north.

(6)From the very first time i.e. when India was discovered, its wealth and minerals were the things on which every other country kept an eye and ultimately  they looted it several times in medieval period and slaved it for approximately 200 years. Mohammad of Ghazni had looted the Somnath temple of Gujarat 17 times yet if it is visited again in today’s date ,one cannot recognize by its sight that it was looted. Yes, after the independence, India was affectionately and beautifully created by its independent citizens. People here worked in hand and glove to create or rejuvenate independent India. This affectionate and creative creation with alot of hardwork is a great source for my attraction to India.

(7)The most attractive thing of India is that from the beginning, it has been home to many great people,leaders,freedom fighters and great saints like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Aryabhatta, Sushruta, Rabindranath Tagore, Mother Teresa etc. And this greatness , like everyone , compels me to visit it and salute this holy land.

(8)India has a rich diversity of wildlife and vegetation. It has 410 species of mammals constituting 8.86 percent of the total world’s mammals population, 15,000 species of flowers and 1250 species of  birds. There ia no other country in the world with greater diversity than India.

(9)India has the longest coastline in the Indian ocean and it is India’s eminent position to get an ocean named after it.

(10)Now, the people of India. It will be great to know that people of India are not only hardworking but are wise, civilized and full of hood manners. People of India are servicing in world level offices like NASA etc. People are full of patriotism for their country and can sacrifice  anything for their country.

India is our homeland, we born here, yet is a dream place to visit because there is no other place more attractive and beautiful than India to visit and enjoy.Although India is a single country, yet there lies regional variations in every aspect and is quite interesting to visit. Even I would never be bored of travelling one place here  million  times. The prosperous beauty of India can  be visited anytime and in any month.


Author BioDivya Pandey, 15 years old student from Daltonganj. She is the participant of Monthly International Essay Competition, March,2019


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