Adunutopia: A Beautiful Utopia | Concepts and The Journey

A Utopia


Imagination is something amazing.A research conducted by Alex Schlegel, a graduate student in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences revealed that the visual cortex (the part of the brain that processing imagery) has an active role in driving imagination.That’s why in this essay I’ll try to use my visual cortex as much as possible to create my imaginary place.

A Utopia Concept

In my imagination, I create a world which is almost equivalent to utopia.The word utopia was introduced  by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia, describing an imaginary island and its society in the south Atlantic Ocean.Utopia is an imagined place in which everything is perfect.I call my own utopia as Adunutopia.Actually, Adunutopia is two syllables combined into one, adun and utopia itself.Adun in bahasa Indonesia means beautiful.So, Adunutopia means a beautiful utopia.

How to get in

There will be many entrance gates in certain place that spread all over the world.There are only two steps: eye scanning and the portal.Only people aged 7 – 65 that are allowed to enter the adunutopia.Why? Because the second step: the portal contain a strong magnetic field.It’ll be very dangerous if someone who is too young or too old passes through it.The result can be very fatal. It can be a serious disability or even death.

First, the eye scanning.This is not the same as that used for security scanning.This uses more sophisticated technology.It has two function: to record the identity data of people who will enter and detect kindness.The second function probably the most important because it can determine who is eligible to enter and who is not.So, this is how it works: the eye is scanned and the eye scanner sends a signal to the brain.The signal contains a ‘chemical’ question that adressed directly to the brain whether this person has a kind-hearted and good personality or not.After reaching the brain, the signal spreads and binds to all brain cells both in substantia gricea and alba.Every brain cells give the answer to the signal, then the signal come out from the brain as a unity and send the answer to the scanning machine.The machine will show a green circle if the person deserve to enter the adunutopia and show a red circle if the person is not eligible.

Second, the portal.People who are selected through the eye scanning need to go through the portal that take them directly to adunutopia just in a blink of an eye.However, before entering the portal, they must use a special watch.

Is Adunutopia on Earth ?

The answer is no. Adunutopia is like our earth but in other dimension.The portal transfers the human body to the ‘other earth’ in other dimensions. Adunutopia only consists of one supercontinent namely pangaea. For your information, in our earth, pagaea only exists until the end of the paleozoic era (approximately 200 million years ago).It has broken apart because of the massive earthquake and extreme climate change and eventually formed the seven continents in present.

Inside My Adunutopia

Adunutopia is an assimilation between natural purity, magic and sophisticated technology.The environment in adunutopia is unique because it can stimulate the production of dopamine and serotonine in human’s body.It makes that everyone who set their foot on adunutopia will always feel happy and never feel sad.The environment also turn humans into immune.It means there will be no illness there.The society inside adunutopia is full of love and kindness without any hatred, anger and quarrel.

Adunutopia has a very long river.The main river flow extends from the west to the east and it has many branching tributaries.It has very clear water so that everyone can see the riverbed from above.Inside the river there are many beautiful fish that have attractive colors.Before the dusk, many people explore the river using the fancy ‘Venetian gondola’.They can enjoy a beautiful sunset and when it turns dark, they will be spoiled by the lovely panorama of the city lights and the river’s body that sparkling by the moonlight.Besides the river, there are many pools inside adunutopia. There are pools full of milk, chocolate, ice cream and hot water.There is also an ordinary swimming pool (filled with water) that is very deep and people can reach the bottom of the pool without difficulty and walk on the bottom of the pool as much as they like.

Adunutopia has zero pollution level.The transportation system never use fuel oil.People are traveling using bicycle, water-powered motorbikes, solar-powered buses and electric cars that don’t produce smoke.But, the most popular transportation are super-maglev, sing a ride and the magic fly.The super-maglev is like a maglev in our world, but the speed is five time faster than shinkansen.So, it’s about 1500 km/hour.Instead of feeling frightened, the passengers will enjoy the trip because the room inside the train is designed so that passengers don’t feel the inertia and their heart rate remains normal.And then the sing a ride.It is like a van that can only run when the energy source is fully charged.The energy source of this van is not water or solar power but rather sounds or songs that make it more attractive.The last is the magic fly.It consists of several creatures that can take someone traveling through the air like pegassus, unicorn and giant phoenix bird.The passenger can be delivered to penetrate the clouds and they can play to build a cloud pattern and make a rainbow by their own hands.It also possible for the passengers to take a pinch of cloud and turn it into cotton candy in many colors.

Probably, someone who really likes reading like me will immediately rush to the library section in the city center.It is very huge.There are countless books there, starting from the very first writing on papyrus to the latest book.I can’t imagine how happy I am to be there and read the writings of famous people in the past.Like the written works from the Alexandrian library, various philosophical books by Aristotle, Canon of Medicine by Ibnu Sina, anatomy books by Leonardo da Vinci and Andreas Vesalius, Encyclopedia Britannica and many more. That would be very interesting.

Adunutopia also has has the biggest aquarium or aquaworld ever because all species of sea creatures are here.Starting from the first sea creatures that appeared around 640 million years ago to various species that exist on our earth today. In this section, people can see sea creatures from ancient times such as stethacanthus, mosasaurus, helicoprion, livyatan melvillei and so on.

Let’s move to the history section.This section has a museum containing historical heritage from various parts of the world equipped with educational videos that tell the chronology of a historical event.This is the only place where historical ‘enthusiasts’ can find the truth of history itself, especially in historical events that are still uncertain.For me myself I really want to know about how Hitler actually died, how is the detailed chronology of the Valkyrie operation, war of Uhud, the conquest of Baitul Maqdis by Salahuddin Al Ayyubi and the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad Al Fatih.

The other extraordinary facilities are the imagination rooms.In that rooms, people can express their imagination freely, such as painting, drawing, make a symphony, sculpting, making poems, composing novels, designing clothes and making sculptures.There are two choices for people: make it manually with the stuff that have been provided or make it through special tools.This special tool works instantly by capturing brain signals.So, there is a part that must be affixed to the area of the head that will capture the image that occurs in the brain and the image is sent to the actual machine to be processed and perceived to form three-dimensional according to the images in the brain.

Actually there are many ‘incredible’ facilities and sections such as dolphin trip, the miracle geyser, a wise tree, salty roller coaster, trident of Poseidon, rewrite the galaxy, a robotic war and so on. But I think I feel so sorry for not able to explain it more because of the number of words restrictions.

How to End the Journey ?

Photo: Public Discourse

The ‘deadline’ for staying in adunutopia is for a month.If someone has stayed for one month, the special watch they wear will emit a certain tone and their body will be ‘transferred’ automatically to their home on earth.There is also another way to get out of adunutopia before the deadline:  through the exit portal.People only need to go to the Deverre district.They must go through eye scanning and filling out the form as to why they left adunutopia ‘earlier’.Any reason will be accepted.Then they have to jump from a height of 100 meters to penetrate the exit portal on the surface of Bernigan sea and they would arrive at their home on earth automatically.

In whatever way they come out, their memories of the beauty of adunutopia will remain kept throughout their lives.

Logic takes you from A to B. Imagination can take you anywhere.

(Albert Einstein)

Author Bio : Dennia Oktavia Zahidah Hulwah, 18 years student from Malang, East Java Province, Indonesia. She is a participant of Monthly Essay Competition,March, 2019.



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