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The beautiful land of Assam, the land of the “RED RIVER” Brahmaputra is known for its scenic beauty and varied culture, extraordinary silk quality, the one-horned rhino, the spring orchids, and so on. But not many people know about a mysterious place named “Mayong”.
Mayong, the land of Black Magic is infamous for all the strangest things that can be heard from a place today in the 21st century.
Mayong is only 40kms away from the State’s busiest place, Guwahati. But the creepy stories of people disappearing without any traces left behind, of keeping souls as pets or assistants, turning humans into wild animals, captivating dead people’s souls makes this place delusional.
The name ‘Mayong’ is believed to have derived from the Sanskrit word “MAYA” meaning illusion, the unreal reality.
Epics like Mahabharata have mentioned Mayong, as the place where Bheem’s son Ghatotkacha came to learn magical powers to use them against the Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharata.
Since then this place has encaptivated people with several stories of unusual incidents that certainly question the practicality of science and technology.
People here still assume that the souls of old magicians, witches, and wizards dwell in the jungles of Mayong. The jungles are also very famous for disappearing people in the air. There are many haunted stories where no traces are to be found of the person once he/she vanished into the atmosphere with some magical spells.
Many people visit this place to get their wishes and ambitions fulfilled by the captured souls, who serve the black magicians. The magicians are also known for taming wild beasts in seconds.
A famous historical event that people till now discuss here is the story of Muhammad Shah. Shah came to this place in the 1330s, he had a huge army with him which all of a sudden disappeared near the jungles of Mayong. 1,00,000 of horsemen had no trace till date.
People here are very superstitious too. The practice of “Narbali”(human Sacrifice) in the name of Maa Durga and Kali has gained tremendous popularity over the people of Mayong, as it was believed to enhance the magical powers one has.
Apart from this, Astrology is also a favorite thing of practice. The locals offer palm reading to visitors. The past and future of a person are seen on a piece of broken mirror or a pot full of water. The locals thus forecast the future and try to flash the dark past of one’s life.
The ‘Ojhas’ and ‘Bez’ are the local doctors who treat patients with just a few magic spells and a cold blow of air with their mouths. They claim to have ghosts as their assistants. These ghosts are supposed to work for the Ojhas in the attainment of all kinds of unusual tasks. The Bez also uses copper utensils to cure the pain of the patients. The copper plate is placed on the affected area and after a few spells, the utensil eats away all the pain of the ailing person. Sometimes when the pain is more immense, the copper plates used for the treatment are heated and broken into pieces and are said to cure the pain completely.
Many visitors claim to have got cured of many prolonged and fatal diseases by the use of black magic. And patients also allow the use of black magic spells with full knowledge and consent.
Mayong was welcomed by the people for its powerful black magic skills and superstitious activities.
The enchanters here are also famous for bewitching people famously known as ‘Vashikarna’ and agreeing to fall in love with their unrequited lover. One side lovers go to the warlocks to seek their help to mesmerize their love interests. People also use these powers to take vengeance from their rivals and enemies.
Many tales of finding lost belongings with the help of a metal bowl are also heard, It’s said that the Bez can make the bowl go all the way and find the place of any hidden or stolen thing. People claim to have seen these miracles with their own eyes.
People living here or near this place are proud of this distinct identity, they are not afraid of anything that is surrounding them, as it’s always been a part of their lives. Though with passing time and the emergence of technology, these practices have reduced to a great extent. The strict Laws also have discouraged and penalized any kind of superstitions that would harm the lives and dignity of humans and will possess a threat to mankind.
Apart from this, Mayong has also a rich treasure of artifacts and archeological relics which are to be found in the Mayong Central Museum and Emporium. This museum has also archived many books on Black Magic and Ayurveda. The Pobitora Wildlife sanctuary near Mayong also attracts tourist attention to this place.
Since this place never has come into much light to date but Mayong also known as ‘ THE LAND OF BLACK MAGIC ‘ has many secrets to unfold.




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