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Indonesia is one of the countries that has a diversity of flora and fauna so that in Indonesia there are many tourist destinations, East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia with very interesting tourist attractions, equipped with inherent customs and culture explaining the beauty of nature.

Also, the uniqueness of various area in East Java, but what is stealing the attention at the moment is the family’s favorite modern tourist destination in the city of Malang, especially the city of Batu which is one of the largest zoos, namely JAWA TIMUR PARK 2 or better known as JATIM PARK 2, not only the BATU Zoo SECRET ZOO only, but JATIM PARK 2 offers a variety of rides as well as ANIMAL MUSEUM, in this tourist spot it is never empty of visitors.

It is always busy, not only tourists from within the country, even lots of foreign tourists who choose holidays at JAWA TIMUR PARK 2, the first part that must be visited was the ANIMAL MUSEUM, in front of the entrance to the animal museum there were 2 large elephant statues and medium-sized elephant statues sitting and lined up with colorful bodies adding to its own uniqueness, the walls of this museum have white bones with classic buildings which are very majestic at first Entering the animal museum, visitors will immediately be amazed by the Giant Cage.

In this cage, you will see a replica of one of the world’s most beautiful birds, namely the peacock, which is called one of the world’s most beautiful birds because of its very beautiful feathers and dazzling colors. This giant cage is further beautified through carvings of Javanese cultural puppets that can be seen on the top of the cage ceiling.

Furthermore, visitors will be greeted by various types of replicas or fossils. Preserved animals ranging from wild animals to protected animals, even extinct animals such as dinosaurs are displayed here. This museum is perfect for educating tourists in learning about endemic Indonesian animals as well as animals from all over the world.

Complete with information in the section underneath such as the name, place of origin and characteristics of the animal with the presentation and appearance of the animal arrangement which is made modern, making the view more realistic, it looks real as if it were in its natural habitat, making it easier for visitors to recognize and broaden their horizons about herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous animals, not to forget the marine animals and water biota representing the underwater beauty of Indonesia, various kinds of fossil fish, shellfish, octopus, coral and other marine animals.

The largest mammal fossils can also be found here, one of which is the Blue Whale which is very interesting to study, this is very effective as an alternative even though it is on land but visitors to the animal museum can easily see replicas of underwater animals.

Various kinds of poultry are very complete. If you are usually afraid when you meet birds at the animal museum, you don’t need to worry anymore, as well as reptiles such as snakes, the largest lizards (Komodo) and other reptiles.

If you want to see butterflies with charming wing patterns, there is a BUTTERFLY GALLERY which displays various types of butterflies from various countries, very neatly arranged in clear glass ranging from small to large, not only butterflies but also insects.

The most interesting and unforgettable is the area of ancient animals, replicas of ancient elephants (Mammoths), dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus-REX (T-REX), Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus are given a bluish light effect by placing them in the middle of the room with tall pillars exuding a strong dinosaur effect seemed to come to life.

Room for children has also been provided in the last room in the animal museum there is a TREASURE OF ANIMAL KNOWLEDGE, an insectarium specifically for children, inside which there are various statues that describe the organs in the animal’s body, observation spots and virtual performances are very educative suitable for children.

Entering the BATU SECRET ZOO area, a blue light will radiate from the water, as if in the ocean, it turns out that the fish are swimming in the FANTASTIC AQUARIUM. If the animal museum displays replicas and marine fossils, this is where sea animals live.

Hundreds of fish and marine animals swim around the aquarium with large sizes, coral reef fish of various species show their unique colors, they look very friendly in an aquarium, even though they are different species, this aquarium looks like a real ocean, visitors feel like diving directly into the ocean, plus the concept of the room being in a dim cave adds aesthetic value because the water jets are getting brighter.

After visiting the aquarium, there’s nothing wrong with going straight to the next spot, namely the Reptile Garden, of course this area is a place for reptiles to live, if you want something more tense you can walk a little to Tiger Land, lions, several species of tigers and Sumatran tigers from Indonesia, very cool and dashing for sure is the king of the jungle, the longer you walk, the more unique and rare the animals will be found in the Savanah area, making visitors feel like traveling to Africa, dry land and large-bodied animals, elephants, giraffes, immediately staring at the arrival of tourists.

Along the way there are various spot photos can even take photos with cockatoos, very tame even these cockatoos don’t hesitate to be in the hands of tourists.

After going around and observing many animals, it’s time to relieve fatigue by trying the FANTASY LAND rides, consisting of a swimming pool that is quite large and wide, complete with a slide, the water in the pool is clear and clean, children are very free to swim. The merry-go-round and swing rides are highly recommended to try.

It’s getting hot during the day. There’s nothing wrong if you take a break to eat and drink, right next to the swimming pool there are many places to eat that serve food and drinks. East Javanese food is very suitable to be enjoyed there, the taste is identical, accompanied by the view of EAST JAVA PARK 2, which is a combination of experiences that are difficult to replace.

After filling up with energy it’s time to continue the holiday with educational games protecting the forest JUNGLE ADVENTURE visitors will be taken around by a smoke train, the tourist’s task is to protect the forest armed with a sensor gun they are ready to protect the forest from hunters.

This game is great for growing a sense of concern for the forest and the animals that live in it, let alone their children will learn how to protect the forest from the threat of poaching, love animals and protect the flora in the forest and the importance of the function of the forest for life.

Turning to test the courage HORROR HOUSE should not be missed tourists with great courage will surely head here. Dark alleys without lights and silence must have made tourists’ fears increase, ghost cosplay that looks genuine with a sudden arrival will not be noticed by tourists, visitors who coming will explore the HORROR HOUSE by train so definitely have no chance to escape from the scary ghosts.

Leaving the HORROR HOUSE should refresh your mind by looking at the beauty of flowers and feeling the fragrance. beautiful, the building is made very unique with pillars that resemble trees.

Furthermore, of course you are still excited with the feel of adventure because the sound of the river current is calling out to visitors at the RIVER ADVENTURE down the river by boat in the wind and water from the river, then there is a magnificent replica of Noah’s Ark.

Inside it is filled with animal statues that line up neatly facing the direction of the tourist boats. Finish along the long river, the adventure is not finished, tourists with full enthusiasm for adventure can explore 5 continents.

This is a spot that really must be visited, as before, at this spot, tourists will have an adventure on a train with the wonders of the world displayed which are the hallmark of each the continents are accompanied by natural or man-made wealth, distinctive buildings according to each continent, the real scenery is very exciting and amazing.

These are the various tourist areas in Jawa Timur Park 2 the experience here will not be replaced full of surprises, when you come home don’t worry, reminisce on the memory of traveling visitors can buy typical souvenirs found in shops in front of the entrance to the zoo, there are typical clothes that say the city of Batu, Malang and typical clothes from East Java, especially Ponorogo with Reog images.

The very complete facilities mixed with the many fun places in JAWA TIMUR PARK 2 will create a feeling of wanting to return to this place, it is really interesting to visit again, this is what makes JAWA TIMUR PARK 2 a favorite tour for the city of MALANG.

By: Rachel Margareta Larasati

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