An ideology was born in India exactly 151 years ago. – Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi. Which we also know by the names Bapu, Father of the Nation, Mahatma etc. Gandhiji has proved that if there is anything important in this world, it is your thoughts, your actions and nothing else. So today, on his 151st birthday, let us take a pledge that we too should take inspiration from his life and follow the knowledge taught by him. And also try to spread this knowledge to the masses.

Although Gandhiji was the same, but he did so many karma in his life, as a result of which he will be the inspiration of every human being not only at that time, but also today and in the future. Today on the occasion of his birthday, we know his various forms (karma).

Gandhiji always used to say – “A person is a creature created by his thoughts, he becomes what he thinks”. He explained the power of thinking so easily in those days. This was the key to his life as well – “Ordinary life, high Thoughts”. He used to say that man should use it according to his needs and if possible, dedicate his life to society and nation. He believed that the biggest disease of human life is his own fear. It is mandatory to win with fear before winning anywhere. Somewhere, Gandhiji’s entire life is a message. Whose thoughts give knowledge to every section of human life. He believed that the birth of crisis is the birth of an opportunity. You have the opportunity to change yourself. An opportunity to make yourself powerful and knowledgeable.

Gandhiji used to do his own work. He did not like to depend on anyone. Today’s students and youth should learn from Gandhiji to depend on themselves. He also taught the lesson of sanitation to the entire nation. He used to clean himself around him.

Gandhiji has also tried to learn from the events that have taken place in his life that sometimes to win, it is not necessary that you respond to him at the same time, although you have to bear the abuse, anger. And perhaps this is also the reason that the person who was insulted and thrown out of the train, knows the whole world today, but no one knows who threw them.

Gandhiji was also a very good motivational speaker (leader). Only then, on the basis of his speech and thought, the whole country was ready to unite and fight against the British. This is the power of a skilled leadership. Otherwise, the identity of a skilled motivational speaker is the country whose people have been hollowed out by the brutal politics like “Divide and Rule”.

The life of Mahatma Gandhi is also seen as a successful entrepreneur. He gave the slogan to the entire country to become self-sufficient. The development of Khadi village industry is indicative of his dream. They did, at a time when there was a lack of resources. Then he saw the goal of making the nation self-sufficient. And he also completed it. We can learn this positive thinking from Gandhiji.

He believed in devotion. He used to read Bhagavad Gita and also followed it. He used to say that whenever I get surrounded by problems in life, the goal stops showing, at the same moment I take out Bhagavad Gita and sit to read, the vision becomes clear.

Gandhiji’s thoughts were his powers. Truth and non-violence, on the basis of which he played the main role in liberating a huge nation from the British. Gandhi is an idea. And thoughts never die.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”.

By Vishal Kumar Singh


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