Love is the essence of humanity

By Dharshini Aravamudhan

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    As the world’s best thing that majority of the people fails to know is of humanism. It ‘s somewhat a distinct and astonishing one. It is an unforeseen boon from god. Love is the essence of humanity. the very important thing is to love every creature in the world unconditionally and unbiased. Humanity doesn’t meant only love it includes compassion too.

     The main desire of every human mind is to lead a happy life. But the phenomenon of humanism or human life is uplifting every soul in the universe for contented stage . Humanity  cannot be completely explained ,it is a feeling or sense which creates intensive and  adorable impact when it is exposed. Yet the main cause which acts as  as incentive for humanity is nature. It is the amazing feature from the creation of god. It is the place which makes us feel,that we are nearer to god. Basically humanity is not of getting from outside world, it is of giving from ourself.As we feel getting something makes us happy but in the case of humanity it’s different. Making other’s satisfied and realizing happiness in their eyes is a special feeling. The pain or sufffering of being unloved and uncared is the worst part in life. As a human being no one should be taken to that stage. The time when human loses humanity ,life will give a phycological slap that they could not bear. The state of life determines the humanity of people. So, in life we should have zero expectations from people and more life experiences. If we follow the above fact in life our standard of humanism will stand in a peak level. There is humanity in animalism too.The basis of human kind starts from self love and founding ourself.

         As many problems and pains ruin our life ,many twist and turns happens ,in those situation never lose hope in  humanity.In this world the one which is immortal is humanism.The ultimate assurance cannot be given for every human and their behavior that they will remain stable and consistent.But with humanity it involves astonishing ,arduous and contrasting aspects.The way we react  to above aspects will reveal qualities of humans.There happens a situation in everyone’s life judging the unknown needy before  giving something  from our pocket.everybody forgets the intention of humanism is basically of giving not of judging.This sort of quality doesn’t arise when we are matured it gets up at our earliest but it might not  be noticed. Humanity is not a best quality, it is a basic quality. Life has many beautiful secrets for humanity , when it is expelled it gives prospertity to every soul.

    Eventually ,life is equal to newton’s law whatever we do the same reaction or thing we get back .thus the day when every creature absolutely experiences complete humanistic life , the every sixty seconds in life is a motherly minute.

By Dharshini Aravamudhan


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