Dear INDIA, Make Humanity As Our National Language

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Oh, is it a new language? Ask Mohan. Is it being passed as a new constitutional amendment in the Parliament? I have heard about Tamil, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati etc. Is this the language of some state? No this language is not about any geographical region or anything related to caste, religion etc. For instance Urdu is associated more with Muslims or Telugu with people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, replied Suboo. It is the language we identify and speak as humans. It’s the ability to make us human and not be a robot or alien. Humans are the same, they cheer for the sports team, watch entertainment, loves to eat tasty food and enjoy the pleasures of life. So where is the difference? Suboo tells.

The country seems to be fighting over nationalist vs. anti- nationalists, vegetarians vs. beef eaters, love and love jihad, issue of history and propaganda (Padma vat),what to wear ,not to wear etc. Which place to worship or not? The countrymen seems to forget that these attributes make a denting effect in making humanity as numero Uno in speaking this new found language.

For us we are Hindu’s first, humans later. In speaking this language the word WE have been replaced by US and THEM. We are falling on different patterns on basis of caste, creed, culture, geography in inhibiting this language as a pan Indian concept. For us North Indian Vs. Gujarati rhetoric is much more important, as seen recently after the out flux of North Indians than prosperity of Gujarat.

The constitution ideals mentioned in our constitution envisages sovereignty, socialism, secularism and it lays down equality, fraternity .These forms the crux of leading a more humane life. The cases of people helping generously to the victims of flood in Kerala bear testimony to above ideals. But side by side the lack of humanity was visible in the floods of Nagaland due to its peculiar distinct geographical identity, far in North East. The North East seems to be less humane for India as compared to mainland. The celebration of different festivals together by different communities together makes it everyone’s festival. For Garba, it is not only a part of Gujarati culture but Navratri celebration seems impossible anywhere in India without playing Garba. The selfless service provided by Sikhs in Langar and seva in Gurudwaras to all persons visiting there, is a perfect example of living in harmony.

The humanity seems to be wiped out or in some correction using change in History. Does Prayagraj instead of Allahabad, make it more human? Will the change in name makes it more inclusive? The making of Gurugram from Gurgaon does not make it a safer place for women to work, after recent mob lynchings and #ME too campaigns. Is removal of Section 377 makes it better for LGBT community to live in??

With the recent growth in economic profile of the country, the rural and urban divide has increased rapidly, the gap between rich and poor is on rise (India’s top 1% bag 73% of country’s wealth as per recent Oxfam Report 2018), the country is lagging on social parameters like Infant mortality rate, poor sex ratio, low literacy rate, poor female education, poor sanitation and hygiene etc. This is not the way to move forward as social, political economic and cultural wheel have to be in proper alignment to enhance prosperity at all levels. With this material prosperity, the population of destitute, homeless, the children living in orphanage home and old in old age home has increased. The prosperity has not evenly distributed to them. The fruits of prosperity are very unevenly distributed. The invisible wheel missing in the cog is about ethical or moral values, which is at the core of humanity, the mere absence of which has led to rise of such problems. India does not need only advances in Science & Technology, Research and Development, Agriculture, Service sector to name a few but serious considerations must also be given to humanist values like integrity, love, compassion, tolerance, empathy etc.

The awareness and sensitisation campaign needs to be run in every nook and corner of the country. The more youth community needs to develop flair of critical thinking by reading and learning good literature on such moral values. The issue needs much more debate and discussions on various platforms. The whole engagement process with all the stakeholders of the society must be initiated with the society at the micro and macro levels, leading to more fruitful outcome on the issue.

So I got the point? Suboo replies. What??Mohan asks .This new language is not about India but about the world. In it there is no need for amending the constitution, but the thinking of the people in general needs to be amended. It is actually “Vasudhev Kutumbakam”, explains Suboo. They together conclude.


Author Bio : Arpit Rathi , a participant of Quaterly Essay Competition (OCT-DEC, 2018) , organized by #Monomousumi



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