Let’s Conserve Planet Together

By: Anshika Sinsinwar

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We’re all doomed if we don’t do anything

This is true. The world is soon going to end and it would sound sarcastic if we say that development and technology and how could we forget the foolish minds of humans who have made a living planet inhabitable. We have made sure not to lack in any corner to destroy the place where we birthed. Even though we are well aware of our environment’s condition, we do not seem to care about it.

If we don’t act soon, humanity and all life on Earth are doomed. Life is a thrilling journey but humans should better start empathizing with mother Earth because our future generation is exposed to the atrocity of our deeds. Luckily, we do know what exactly we have to do for it. ‘Renewable Resources’. Fuels today are the biggest contributor to pollution and basically the doom of planet Earth. Renewable resources are a perfect alternative to fuels. Here, the problem lies. Renewable resources are much more expensive to harness.

Middle Eastern countries are interested in saving their industry which is of course understandable but Middle Eastern countries need to stop depending on fuels for their production. Also, governments around the world can make wonderful speeches about how to conserve our environment but hesitate when they have to take any sort of action. The sad truth is that the rich taxpayers and shareholders of the country are deeply associated with non-renewable industry and as they pressurize the government to not take any action against them.

Electronic cars make us dependent on another mineral and soon we’ll be depleting another resource of our planet and breaching it. Life is all about conservation right now but before our filthy governments act at the last moment, we as citizens, globally and together need to take important steps, not donate a billion dollars but small everyday habits that would eventually contribute to saving our planet. Small actions make a big difference. Life is a world affair and we all know that we can do it only if we come together. Let’s pull up our socks.

Doing pooling to drop your kids at school, switching lights and electronic devices when not needed, and by buying energy-efficient appliances. This would take a little hard work but the sweet nectar of our planet being saved is all that matters. if we can use public transport sometimes rather than traveling by our personal car to work maybe once a week won’t be much of hard work. since you do not have to be on the steering wheel.The concept of recycle and reuse is not just conserving resources and using them judicially but also is helpful for air pollution as it helps in reducing pollution emissions.

Recycled products also take less power to make other products. Maybe, the next time we go to shopping, we could be in mind and only buy things which are a necessity to us. This method is multi-beneficial as it can also help you to save money. Our world is in a crisis. Our deary planet who has nourished us from our single breath, who has bestowed life upon her and has given us so much is in danger. It is our time to return her the favor. Let’s conserve this planet together.

By: Anshika Sinsinwar

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