LAW : Not Just a Profession But a Way of Life

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Law is certainly a way of life for me: from the red label tea that you start your morning with till the mattress on which you end up your day has law in the form of intellectual property right i.e. trademark. Being so connected to these daily things we land up not knowing the laws around and apply on us. Law in itself is something which is worth pursuing. This is a dossier related to law which will surely give you insight about legal field and by the end of this paper you’ll left it reading with much more than you had ever thought of.

Firstly I would answer why law as a profession because when ‘Why’ is answered then ‘How’ itself will find its way. Pursuing law would not just entitle you to a LLB degree but would also help you to know your rights and when it’s been infringed. The rationale behind this is you can’t exercise any right if you don’t know one. This is what law had for you: awareness. Awareness of the suppressed rights which possibly a normal human being might not knew about in the sense that you’ll be astonished to know that if a person purchases something that later turn out not to fit the description of the good at the time of purchase would gave rise to a right and a remedy to it is available in the Consumer Court. It will make you aware about what is going around you. Law act as instrument of social change and creates awareness and national development.

I would start off with the eligibility criteria because that’s the first thing which would make you to step up in the legal career. Initially after class XII you need to clear out CLAT (common law admission test) exam which is conducted to test the proficiency of the candidate and other entrance exams depending upon the University. Moreover, there are two pathways to reach the goal of law a career: firstly the direct entry after XII which makes law a 5 year course and, secondly, after graduation which makes it a 3 year course. Guru Gobind Indraprastha University provides the former one and Delhi University gives you latter one. Also, National Law Universities owe a lot of success to CLAT and is deemed to be the best for law in terms of exposure and education.

I would like to tell you a secret and survival technique at law school that despite from which law school you are; how to get the best use of opportunities in your own way and how hard you wanted to excel is enough to make a difference. Complaining of not being in reputative law school for me is just an excuse for not being doing well at your career. Law school will anyway just give you a degree (provided you do well in exams) but what you do in your 3 or 5 year course as the case may be and make best use of it to build your CV (curriculum vitae) is the determining factor. Doing things by yourself and working hard to achieve the same will not only creates a sense of independency but also relieve you from the pain of regret that you wasted your years.

Law is a one of those few professions which give you degree from which you can right away start your practice and you are employed as soon as you done your LLB provided a condition that you need to first enroll and register as Advocate in the respective Bar Council in which state you want to start practice and if you want to practice anywhere then clearing an All India Bar Examination is required. A career in law is no longer limited to simply being a lawyer of precisely Advocate. There are a lot of career opportunities besides that. You can be a Judicial Officer which I too wanted to be. There are large numbers of tribunals and quasi judicial forums, consumer Courts. Besides that Corporate sector has now a day paved the way for graduates. There is scope to work in consultancy and in house counsels. Social persons can provide free legal aid to the needy. People with good writing and researching skill can work as legal trainee under Judges. After post graduation one can move in teaching profession as well.

There cannot be just one quality which completes a lawyer, but a bunch of them. A person having these qualities should definitely opt this career option. Desire to know the law is first and foremost one with lot of reading as well as writing skills. One must have better research and communication skills with high level of critical thinking accompanied by strong memory as to retain such laws which in itself is so diversified and versatile. At last but not the least, honesty with your client is of utmost priority. So, a good lawyer has not one quality but a bunch of them.

I believe that a person needs to be captivated by law and absorbing the Legislative Acts (legal jargon is bare Acts) in true sense is what makes you stand apart from crowd. I had a special affinity with law which made me the person I am today. At end I would say that you do not require teaspoon but tablespoon full of curiosity and love for the subject to get it straight deep rooted in you.

By: Pooja Gupta

Advocate District & High Court Delhi

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