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Comic books has consumed all our childhood. And now, the sci-fi movies of these comics are becoming a part of our leisure or rather quarantine partner at home, or in theaters. Diamond Comics (DC) and Marvel Comics are the two most famous comic worlds that have taken the Hollywood movie universe the other level. Aquaman is a part of this DC universe and the highest grossing film among all the DC comic movies and Warner Bros have been released. And we just cannot wait for the sequel of the sea-talking Prince of Atlanta.

The (Announced) Release Date-

Warner Bros has given us a tentative date, after having a meeting with the actor, the director and the producer. It is 16th December 2020-after 4 years of the first film. The lead actor has spilled the beans in an interview with Radio Times. “It’s all mapped out, but I wouldn’t say they’ve got the final script just yet…That’s not filming ‘til next year (2020).”- said Jason last year.


However, a twist in the middle of all these pre-assumptions! Warner Bros have also announced of a spinoff, rather a prequel of Aquaman, which centers round the creepy creatures old Arthur met or escaped from the Trench. And it is confirmed to be written by Noah Gardner and Aiden Fitzgerald. The director James Wan and the producer Peter Safran has confirmed that ‘The Trench’ will be releasing before Aquaman 2 and will be a follow up of events after the first Aquaman. But, heartbreaking for us the fans, the royal couple of Atlanta, Arthur and Mera are not going to appear in the film.

The Glorifying Cast and Crew-

Well, the old cast is making an expected return- the Atlantean royal couple Arthur and Mera, starring Jason ‘My Man’ Momoa and Amber Heard; Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Blank Manta; Dolph Lundgren as Nereus; Nicole Kidman as Atlanna; William Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Randall Pak as Dr. Shin – all are expected to be in Aquaman 2, but the writer of the first movie, David Leslie Johnson McGoldrick is all set to write the second script.

However, there is also a positive nod from Ocean Master starrer Patrick Wilson. “I’m slightly briefed; I’ll just throw a little dirt here and there. I will say ‘What about this?’ and Wan (James) will say ‘this is what I’m thinking’. I can tell you even his concepts for Aquaman 2 is pushing it even farther.”

The waited Trailer-

DC and WB have confirmed until they have a full title for the movie, there will be no trailer launch.

The Plot-

It is quite obvious from the end of the first movie that Black Manta I seeking vengeance for Arthur’s transgressions. The first story was about the origin of the classic villain. So the second outing is expected to be the logic of unleashing his full potential as Aquaman’s arch-nemesis with over half a century of the greatest comics as inspiration.  The sequence depicts Black Manta — a.k.a. David Kane — recovering after being rescued by fishermen. The shack he wakes up in presumably belongs to Dr. Stephen Shin; Shin and Black Manta strike a tentative deal — Black Manta will lead Shin to the source of his suit, so long as Shin leads him to Aquaman first. But it’s all in hay, for this moment. We have to wait at least for the trailer to find out what it is about.

Also, the producer, Safran has said that when stand-alone movies can make so success, (Aquaman, Wonder Woman) then there is no need to team them up for a team-up movie. That means there is no ‘Justice League 2’ at all in the near future. Looking for more interesting updates on the latest movies? Explore our blog here you find the latest updates on upcoming movies, music, and many more.


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