Key benefits of explainer videos for your business


Explainer videos offer visual appeal, richness and affordability. Most people are visual learners and their attention span is short which is why explainer videos are perfect for getting a message across. The process can be made simple if you follow a few quick tips. Explainer videos have the purpose of transforming a brand message into an easy to digest message.

Reasons why explainer videos are good for your business

  1. It will help you to present your brand message well – sometimes brand messages are not as clear to the audience as they are to the company creating them. Illustrating your brands message through content or text may not be the best way. In general people respond better to messages that are seen and heard rather than just read. Explainer videos do this, they ensure that information is transmitted in an easy-to-understand way, and that they are retained. They also include a call to action which prompts the audience to respond.
  2. You will connect with your audience – explainer videos help you to connect better with your audience. They must be well thought out and planned. If you are unsure of how to go about creating one, you can enlist the help of a professional company like Wow How Studio who specialise in these types of videos. These videos don’t just convey a message, but they also help the company engage with the client.
  3. They increase conversion rates – explainer videos help to increase conversion rates. They help to grip an audience’s attention and keep them interested. Studies show that 64% to 85% of people viewing explainer videos are likely to purchase the product on offer. They can boost your conversion rates by up to 80%.
  4. Show your brand’s personality – through explainer videos you can showcase your brand’s personality more effectively than before. You have control over how the audience perceives your brand by how you portray it to them. You should introduce your brand, make it real to your audience, and help your audience to trust your brand.
  5. Improve the brand’s recall – explainer videos use storytelling to get their message across and thus build a strong relationship with its audience. This has the effect of creating brand recall long after the person has watched the video. They are a powerful way of letting people know about your brand and you can create positive perceptions of your brand through these videos.
  6. Improve the search rankings for your business – videos are found in 70% of the top 100 search engine results. This is because they increase the amount of time that a person spends on a site. This may be because Google owns YouTube so it is able to determine which sites keep their audiences glued for longer.

Look at some of the explainer videos available online and determine if you would buy the product if you were watching the video. This is a great way of getting people to buy into your service or product.


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