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I’m super excited to share with you all a highly engaging topic this month.  Before we begin, I would like to ask you all a few questions. “How many of us live in a joint family? “,”Do you anything regarding a joint family system?” Yeah, I heard you, folks, “No” right? Only a very few would have responded “yes”. Do not worry, I shall tell you about it.

In this modern era, most of the people are living in nuclear families. The joint family system is not seen much nowadays.  In the olden days, people lived as joint families in India. This practice was prevailing for a long time in India and is presently too.

In those days, people had many children. Children live with their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, uncles and aunts. This brings them immense joy and happiness. In a joint family, all sorts of ups and downs are shared with their family members and solutions are also obtained. Happiness and sadness are shared equally.

Works, money, emotions are all shared equally. If a person is sick, that person is taken care of very well by others in the family, whereas in a nuclear family, one needs to take care of them and need to do all their daily mundane routine.

Merits of the joint family system include division of labour, the economy in expenditure, protection from the division of land, social security, satisfaction of basic needs, rearing of children, social virtues,  socialism, provides more leisure time,  boosts opportunities for recreational activities.

Demerits of the joint family system include a home for idlers, retards the development of personality, family tensions, and clashes, denies privacy (an important one to be noted), promotes idleness, unfavourable for saving and investment, poverty, hinders social change, limits social mobility.

Though it has few demerits, it is amazing to live in a joint family. This culture was and is followed only in very limited countries like India, Pakistan.

Nuclear families have emerged mainly due to work in faraway places. Nuclear families are also good and in most countries follow this system. Spending time with each other is quite less.  We are in a world to crave for money in all possible situations.

India is a land of many cultures. Other cultures like Namaste, regional languages, dance forms, fasting also play a notable role in making India stand out in front of other countries. Food habits also play a crucial role. Behind each Indian culture and tradition, there are numerous life values inculcated in it. It helps us learn new things every day. It helps us keep one’s soul pure.

Everyone’s day begins with breakfast which may be idly, dosa, and puri. Lunch may be full meals. Evening snacks maybe something made out of sprouts. Dinner may be some light food like porridge.

Owing to the Indian culture, one can learn how to live a balanced life. The balance should be conceived of as a “practice”, not the “final goal” to be achieved in life. Most importantly, prioritizing the things to be done will help one sustain a balance. Balance can’t be obtained all by oneself, one needs others’ help, so interactive and get supportive strength.

Life always comes with a twist so be prepared to tackle the unexpected. Don’t get panic, organize things and plan according. Taking care of one’s health is the most necessary work that one should look up always as it serves as a backbone for other activities.

There are merits as well as demerits in both the systems. Some people who live happily being in a joint family and in the nuclear family too. Some people are wretched with either system or vice-versa. It is a matter of your choice because it is your life.

According to the proverb, “Unity is strength”, everyone should always stay united and bring out the strength in you. Grab the chance if you get to live an in joint family and cherish the moments. It is rare to get such families. If not also, be happy, stay connected with family members, share your feeling and live your life gracefully. Are you amazed after reading this essay?? If so, thank you. Stay in touch. Keeping waiting for my next essay, until then bye guys… I come with a very interesting and informative essay shortly…… Stay tuned folks!!!

Writer: SAHITHYA. B. A from Karur is an outstanding participant of International Essay Contest


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