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It is a very common perception when that when words like cleanliness or neatness are used we tend to relate it with cleanliness from dirt, pollution, smog etc. But in real sense cleanliness is not only physical hygiene it is also cleanliness of mind hygiene of thoughts and clarity of vision. And in order to make a country really “Swacch”(clean) or to prevail sanity in the society it is very important to make it clean from all possible angles. In order to achieve this I have chalked out the following 7 innovative ways :

  1. Inspiration from “Swacch Bharat Abhiyan” to generate “Swacch Nagar Abhiyan”

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan(clean India Mission), is a one of its kind moment launched from 2014 to 2019 with two main aims to make India ODF(open defection free) till 2nd October 2019(150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi ji) and to fulfill 6th sustainable development goal, whether a child or any old aged person any one can participate in this moment at very small level to high level. School and college going Children can substitute cycles with bikes youngs and oldies can substitute petrol with biofuels which not only be economical but pollution free too.

  1. Independent India from E-waste

E-waste or referred as electronic waste is a waste generated due to discarding salvage or decomposing of electronic materials like CPU, it is the major cause of pollution in the developing countries, there harm is not only limited to the environment but their major constituents i.e.Lead, Cadmium, Berilium and Bromine are potentially hazardous to mankind.

The only way to get rid of them is recycling, it is perhaps the best method in this case as often most of the e-wastes when recycled become reusable as well as some lead to great new products like 3-D printing.

  1. Magic of completeness:

“Plastic”, regarded as most toxic substance due to its non biodegradable nature, and the major source /product of plastic is polythene which in return majorly used in packaging of almost all substances in one form or another, in order to combat its production government has banned it yet on our level we can make the use lesser by reducing wastage, till the older pack of toothpaste is not finished we should not switch to the new one, though very little it seem but if once entire nation will follow it ,it will become effective and giant.

  1. Education:

Sometimes out of lack of knowledge / skill we end up doing such activities which are harmful to both for us as well as for the society. Like many people regard cow dung cakes as a waste product infact that same cow dung has been proven to be most effective biofuel and one of the most important source to generate electricity in developing countries.

So in order to make people aware of uses hidden in waste looking leftovers or residue it is the responsibility of government to organise time to time campaigns to taught people about it.

  1. Time to swich lifestyle:

Earlier the diseases like diabetes, high/low blood pressure seemed foreign to people are now becoming common day by day one possible reason could be bad lifestyle, stress, depression etc will not allow people even to take 8 hours of sleep which results in depression and making people selfish, which make people non caring towards its environment, in order to even think about the activities concerning things other than work one should be mentally free which can be achieved via : meditation ,yoga etc.

  1. Offline to Online:

If asked what plants and trees give us entire thesis can be written from shades to fruits, flowers etc but manufacture of paper require their destruction which lead to soil erosion so wherever possible we should avoid the usage of paper the best example of it can be this essay competition only, the rules of competition, the essay written and the published results are all in soft copy which not only make matter attractive but environment and eco friendly too.

  1. Cooperation:

Generating methods on our own is exceptionally good while cooperating with others is an art. No organization can become successful if we are not ready to cooperate it is just like a jigsaw puzzle non fitting (non cooperation) leads to confused and distorted figure while when arranged together leads to a beautiful picture.


Author BioKUMARI PUNAM, 13 years old girl from DPVN School,Kanpur. A participant of Essay Competition, November.


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