Importance of Pitch Deck for Presenting Your Digital Media Campaign

Source: SEO Montreal Consultant
Source: SEO Montreal Consultant
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Firstly we will start with what a pitch deck is? A pitch deck is a brief presentation that gives investors an overview of your business / campaign, explaining the product, your business model, and offering a monetary investment strategy and benefit. This is one of the things which will help them to increase the business.

Generally pitch decks are created using PowerPoint templates, Keynote or slide share, providing your audience with a quick overview of your business, providing your audience with a quick overview of your business. It is generally used during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors or customers, not only the customers but also the partners and the cofounder can use this type of service to increase the strength and income.

A popular survey of 2018 states that

  • 91% respondents believe that a well-designed slide deck makes them feel more confident when having to give a speech or presentation, as it will enhance the chance to complete the deal in a proper manner.
  • ●      92% of respondents say that skills are a crucial key to success, this is one of the ways which will increase the skill and business.
  • 46% believe that crafting a compelling story and designing creative layouts with great visuals is a biggest challenge. It required a well-trained person to perform such a difficult task, if you have the best design and proper creative layout you can properly maintain the things.

What should your digital marketing pitch deck consist of?

  1. Introduction – Who are you? Need for a digital marketing and SEO campaign? Keep it short and sweet. The introduction is one of the main scenarios which will tell each and every thing about you and your company but you have to make it simple and loud so that the customer can understand easily.
  2. Team – Team is the backbone of any company success, so you have to introduce the people behind the campaign and what the specialist they are having, also what they achieved in the previous stage.
  3. Competitor Analysis – Always be active which are the solutions competitors are offering in the market, so that you can also understand what is going on in the market and update the customer on how you are giving the best and what your customer will get from your company.
  4. Advantages – Have to tell the customer how they will get the proper benefit from this type of work, how this campaign will increase the business and how they will increase their business standard.
  5. Solution – Explain the complete campaign with timeline, resources, cost involved and expected results. This will help them to understand how much they will get the benefit from this pitch desk.
  6. Traction – Traction means having a measurable set of customers that serves to prove a potential. Those customers are the targeted customers which will give them a proper business.

Following are few tips to make an ultimate digital marketing pitch desk

  • Keep it simple:  For an ultimate investor pitch, lesser information is better. Make your slides simple to convey high-level ideas in brief. This will help the customer to understand properly and they can decide how to move ahead.
  • Skip the bullets: Try avoiding too many bullets. Make your pitch straight forward with title and short descriptions, appealing visual content. Make everything simple but the words should be loud and clear which represent your company’s work in a proper manner.
  • Tell a story: Always try to pitch you campaign with some examples or story. A story telling is a good sign for any presentation as it will give a good impact.
  • Keep your pitch deck short: An ideal marketing pitch deck should be not more than 20-30 minutes. Customers feel bored if the presentation is too long so make it simple and short so that customers can give full concentration.
  • Send your deck as a PDF: Always send your deck as pdf so that your fonts and images are seen clearly in their right resolution. And no one can change or copy it. A PDF format is always a good chance to show all the things clearly, it will give faith to customers in the company as customers believe in quality work.
  • Icon and photos: The icon and photos are one of the best things to attract the customer which will help them to understand the exact scenario of the product also they can get the proper imagination of any product.

In the current era, the competition is very high, so every company needs a proper structure to survive and increase their business. There are ample opportunities in digital marketing as well. If you have a proper pitch desk then it would be a good thing to increase the business and stay in the race. There are various methods through which you can create the pitch desk, but you need proper and experienced people who make this for your company and you will get the success through it.

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