Hypnotized Feminist : World’s Most Important Ignored Issue

By Shweta Manohar Lohar


 “My father is so rich but I am still a beggar”.

Well, there are a bunch of people out there who will start passing judgment based on this statement and will start telling me how useless I am or how I squander my father’s money despite knowing me. They call it MORALS,

I call it HYPOCRISY. 

  • What is Hypocrisy?

 Answer- When our words don’t match with our actions and we judge people for something and defend ourselves for the thing then it is called Hypocrisy. 

Believe it or not, we all are hypocrites to some extent.

The following article will bring out the dark side of the human that we refuse to accept and show. Hypocrisy is something which affecting adversely in almost every phase of our life. The article will point out how hypocrisy is affecting –

Women Empowerment 

And what are the reasons, what are the problems related to it, what are the different aspects that we often miss and will try to bring the conclusions in the spotlight. 

  • Effect of  hypocrisy on Women Empowerment 

The Lost Direction of Feminism

“She is a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a human so respect her”

We all have been grown up listening to such kinds of things about feminism but even after repeating this for ages we still are not at the destination where we are supposed to be. Why? We are at the modern age then still why women don’t have equal rights?  

Is there something that is not on the track? Is there something that is lacking? , Because every problem is carry forwarded for a long time because of some deficiency. And just because of the problem and the deficiency the feminism has lost its direction.

The problem is HYPOCRISY and the deficiency is AWARENESS about equal rights for women.

This topic is like a tree trunk, there are so many aspects and angles so we will try to dig deep and let us slice and dice the process.

  • Contribution of hypocritical society in Women Empowerment-

We all are stuck in blame games. Whatever bad happens to us, we start blaming society, especially feminism. In the world of so-called feminists Society is the only villain. In reality, there is nothing like a bad society. You and I together build a society. So whenever we blame society indirectly we are blaming ourselves. But for now, let us consider society as a villain. 

Our society is under influence of two major things and hypnotized by it. These things are making society even worst and hypocritical.

  1. Entertainment Industry 
  2. Social Media
  1. Entertainment Industry-

The Bollywood and entertainment industry is considered as fakest and ugly place full of fake people. Movies and songs, music has become the most essential part of our life. We worship celebrities more than a God, we follow actors and their lifestyle despite knowing the reality. We are hypnotized by movies and celebrities in such a way that we are starving to meet them and click photos with them. 

So, what is wrong with it? 

There is nothing wrong but we always support Morals and Values but we forget to act in the same way. We give importance to those celebrities who are wasting our time and we forget to give respect to the people who saves our lives “soldiers”. We tend to follow the spoiled morels of celebrities more than the discipline of a soldier.     

How this affects feminism?

By disgracing Munni(a song from the Dabangg movie) our film industry is trying to eradicate the patriarchy. Isn’t it absurd? It is. A song from the golden old era was like “Taarif karu kya usaki jisane tumhe banaya”, and the lyrics of the latest song is “blue eyes hypnotize teri karadi hai mennun, I swear tu choti dress me bomb lagadi menu”.

So much difference between these two songs and the same difference is seen in the mindset of people.   

Movies like “Saand ki aankh” got nothing from audience but the movie “Kabir singh” has been showered with lots of love from the audience where an actress was used as a doll with no brain. Often actresses and their sensuality are used in songs as an object. These same actresses and the crew later blame society for not giving respect to women. This is a piece of hypocrisy. These celebrities first provoke the audience and still expect to give respect. Why? Isn’t public human? Even if those celebrities are not ideal they still expect the public to act ideally. 

  1. Social Media-

The same happens with social media. Whenever any girl is raped and murdered, we start online social media protest. We turn our profile Black, we post stories on social media as if our posts are going to stop rapes. This makes us look cool but doesn’t help to make a change.

The film industry and social media are confusing and hypnotizing us. The movies and social media posts are far away from reality. These are the platforms where we can see a variety of hypocrisy.

Some other aspects –

  • How the history divided feminists into different types –

History is like a coin that has two sides. As a society we only focus on just one side of it where women are weak and need help. We remember that part of history where women were meant to cook, take care of kids, and look after household work. We remember our great mythology, Mahabharta, and Ramayana for injustice happened with Draupadi and Mata Seeta and their helplessness. In short, we represent woman as a weak person with huge enduring power. 

We often refuse to enlighten the other side of history where strong and badass women broke the glass Ceiling, broke the pre-defined path made for women, did not accept to lean, and revolted. This side of history was full of rebellious women who knew what they deserved and fought for it and changed the world.

But unfortunately, we have managed to create a society where a quiet woman who endures pain and accepts suppression is considered as an ideal woman and the rebellious women who give a tough fight against injustice, and shows some courage to speak out loud are considered as a harmful breed of women. 

 So here are those different types of women 

  1. Silent women
  2. Rebellious women 
  3. Hypocritical women

As a question asked above why we are not at the destination where we are supposed to be, the answer lies in the third type of women or we can say most useless type. We can transform the silent women into rebellious and the strongest ones but we can’t transform hypocritical women.

Why hypocritical women are poisonous for the growth of women’s empowerment?

  On women’s day, we often watch social media posts regarding women’s rights posted by some ladies, but if we dig dipper we will find that those ladies are doing nothing for women’s rights but only posting stories to specify their dignity.   

Some women have a heavy makeup kit in their bags but they don’t carry paper spray or maybe cutter. Most of us squander half of our day in a beauty parlor but we refuse to spend at least one hour a day to learn self- defense. Most of us spend our energy in gossiping about the other women who are being rebellious rather than learning something useful.

So the most pivotal points here that should be emphasized are:

  • Most of us are doing nothing to bring change but still expect others to bring changes
  • We expect others to protect us rather than protecting ourselves. No one is going to protect us until and unless we women learn to protect ourselves. 

A logical question arises here,

If women are equal to men then why we celebrate Women’s Day?


We should not celebrate Women’s Day just to tell men that we are equal and we are powerful and we can do whatever we want and ask them to give respect. But we should celebrate Women’s Day to tell millions of women out there who are enduring the never-ending discrimination and pain. We should celebrate the day just to making them realize what they can do and how much they are powerful. We should celebrate the day to encourage women to stand up and fight for rights.

Telling men that how powerful women are is hypocrisy but showing it through actions makes sense. 

We all girls are taught from our childhood that we should not break rules, we should not question the pre-defined paths, we should not go against society but history witnessed that we can’t light the fire without the friction of two stones, we can’t listen to the sound of thunder until it starts lightening. And history can’t be changed until some rebellious women don’t take charge.

Whenever the changes are brought by the women, they fought to the death. Because a big change demands sacrifice. There are some events in history and some stories in mythology that we don’t know, let us go through it.

  1. Waves of feminism 
  2. A very powerful character from Mahabharata

These will prove that until and unless we fight our rights we won’t get them.

  1. Waves of feminism:

The waves of feminism are divided into three parts 

  • The First wave of feminism:

Occurrence: 19th and early 20th century

This wave involved: women’s right to vote 

This promoted equal property rights and opposition to the ownership of women by their husbands. Then this wave was focused on equal rights to vote. This wave ended in 1919 and granted women voting rights in the US constitution. 

  • The Second wave of feminism:

Occurrence: 1960s and 1970s 

This wave included: Equal legal and social rights

This wave was focused on issues of discrimination and equality. Betty Friedan was the key player in this wave, her nonfictional book “The Feminine Mystique” criticized the idea that women are meant to be in the kitchen and should raise children. This book is one of the most influential books. 

  • The Third wave of feminism:

Occurrence: 1990s

This wave included: continuation and reaction of second wave

All the women activists involved in these waves fought for rights, protested, and revolted. 

Feminist in India:

Savitribai Phule is the mother of Indian feminism. She was an Indian educationalist and first lady teacher in India who gave a tough fight to society to bring rights of education for girls. This fight was not less than a battle, She faced so much criticism though did not falter. She kept fighting and just because of her we can read and write today.

  1. The most underrated and powerful character in Mahabharata:

We know Mahabharata because of Draupadi, but there is a most powerful character in Mahabharata who fought with Pitamaha Bhishm and later got a boon from Lord Shiva. Her story represents the power of a woman but unfortunately, people hardly know her character. Who is she? 

The elder sister of Draupadi “SHIKHANDI” 

Shikhandi was the only woman who fought in the kurukshetra war for Pandavas.  

Her powerful story:

In Mahabharata shikhandi had been born in her previous life as “Amba”.

Amba was the elder daughter of the king of kashi. Amba and her two sisters were taken by Bhishma from the swayamwara forcefully, as punishment to the king of kasha for not inviting the nobility of hastinapur in the event. After defeating other kings Bhishma conquered those three princesses and asked them to marry the crown prince of hastinapur Vichitravirya. The prince got married to only two sisters, Amba refused to marry him because she had fallen in love with king Saubala. Later Bhishm sent Amba to Saubala but he rejected her. After this humiliation, Amba returned to Bhishma and asked him to marry her but he refused. Later Furious Amba reached Parshurama to fight with Bhishma, but even Parshurama couldn’t defeat Bhishma.

After several failures, she did severe penance to Lord Shiva and asked for a boon that she wants to be the reason for Bhishma’s death. Her prayers were answered and she got the boon that in the future only she will be the reason for Bhishma’s death. Satisfied with this boon she got eager to bring this to reality and she killed herself.  Amba took rebirth as SHIKHANDI, daughter of the king of Panchal. 

As shikhandi was Draupadi’s sister, she decided to fight in Kurukshetra war. The team of kauravas realized that Shikhandi is Amba and she can kill Bhishma, so to prevent this, the rules of war had been changed and as per a rule, women were not allowed to fight in the war. This led shikhandi to become a transgender. After knowing these rules, panicked Shikhandi escaped into the forest. There she met a Yaksha, the one who exchanged his sex with her and she became a male. Then as per the boon finally she became the reason for Bhishma’s Death. 

What these events represent?

These days we women are trying to shoot a target, hiding behind a tree. Women should understand until and unless we fight or we do something extraordinary, the change will not happen and if we want the change we should start it on individual level and we should have the courage to face the problems and criticism. 

Posting stories will not help to bring change but fighting and a tough decision will bring it. A True feminist never wait for others to take any action. As a part of society first, we women should learn to protect ourselves and fight till we get what we want. 

Some fake feminists are misguiding this issue and the platforms like social media are hypnotizing us. So it has become necessary to recognize our true values and rights from this mess. And once a hypocrite is always a hypocrite, there is no solution for hypocrisy but if we want changes first of all we should be aware and we should keep a distance from such hypnotized hypocritical feminists.


Some privileged women are taking full advantage of given rights and some are misusing the rights. Women these days want to change society but they don’t want any change in the community of women. Most women are idlers and they are not bothered about their own identity, they are satisfied with lent identity, first identity is given by father then identity given by husband. They are not willing to create their own strong identity.

And every single go-getter woman has her own identity. The World knows her by her own identity and not by lent identity.      

Some women think that women are weak so some women are under this misconception and they are walking on pre-defined paths made for women. These women with lent identity are aimless and they accept harassment.

Go-getter women are full of ambitions and have a great desire to create their own identity and they are rebellious so such women create history. 

 We support women with lent identity and we criticize women with their own identity.

The truth is women with the desire to fly can fly even with injured wings.

Tips for parents:

  • Stop spending much on your daughter’s wedding, spend more money on her education
  • Stop teaching her how to behave, start giving her training about how to protect herself.
  • Stop giving her options of men for her wedding who has a car, own house, big bank balance and start telling her to stand on her own feet, buy own house, car and earn own money and self- respect
  • Stop telling her to endure, start telling her to stop accepting injustice. Because the one who accepts and endures injustice is guilty and contributing to crime more than the one who does the crime and injustice.

Don’t become a victim of hypocrisy, became a reason for changes.

1] Women will get rights only when we become rebellious.

2] Don’t ask society to give you respect, Do something big and earn respect.

3] Even after fighting if we are not getting our rights then stop begging for rights and just grab the rights you deserve.

4] Stop getting scared of people and start revolting.   

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

-Mahatma Gandhiji

By Shweta Manohar Lohar, Kolhapur, Maharashtra


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