How to Deal with Children as Adults


Children are the human beings between the birth and puberty. Children learn different things from their parents, society, environments and experiences. Due to their curiosity, they ask lot of questions to understand unknown things. Their parents and other adults should be patient and listen. Even though the children are small, their questions can be complex. Then parents fell in a trouble. That is why some parents avoid those questions, due to they can’t give a proper answer.   If adults didn’t listen and they ignore children’s questions, they will hesitate to ask questions and will not learn new things. Therefor parents should ask from another one’s help to answer those questions. Due to experiences, grandparents have a knowledge to answer those.  When adults deal with their child, they should be intelligent. Otherwise they become poor. 

There should be some knowledge or experiences to solve a question or to take a decision. Small children can’t understand right and wrong. Every child should have some kind of support from others to improve themselves and to be a good citizen in the future. Parents should give good advice and they should be a good example to children due to children imitate adults. When parents do wrong things such as scolding elders, smoking, stealing in front of children, they imitate adults and they think that there is not any wrong with them. Children can’t identify right or wrong until they mature or after matured. It depends and it is different from child to child. Adults should be careful when they behave in front of children. And also remembers about domestic violence can be a reason for depression of children. Due to someone or father hits mother in front of child, child gets a bad experience and it negatively affect to the child. Domestic violence is high, due to drugs and alcohol. The best thing which parents should do, is to be a good example to child.

Children should be allowed to think and to learn themselves. Then the child becomes intelligent and creative. Those children and or people can invent new beneficial things and become good citizens. When a child did a wrong thing, he should be given a punishment. But that punishment should be able to teach a lesson to child. Just hitting is not enough. The child should be encouraged to go ahead by defeating interferences. Sports can teach that lesson due to we have to face to victory as well as defeat in a game. Some people even some children tries to commit suicide when they face some kind of a defeat. And also some game such as chess can improve intelligence by allowing to think. When child couldn’t solve a sum and or he had solved it wrongly, some parents or teachers used to scold them. Then child show a fear to represent something to others. It affects to his personality. Adults should show sympathy towards them and should help them to find the solution or to train/ practice, because every child can’t do their work themselves. If some child is weak in logical things such as mathematics, he or she should be encouraged to do creative things such as drawings, music. But many parents like to be their children a doctor or engineer. When they persuade child to go ahead from that side without identifying child’s talents, child become weak and he fell in a trouble due to child can’t do a thing which is unknown or difficult. Then future of the child can be collapsed. When children go ahead on a path which is good and favorite, they can reach to a good position.   

Due to love and affectionate, some parents don’t advise and punish to child’s wrongs. Children should be given affectionate. They shouldn’t be cuddled too much and they shouldn’t be punished too much. Otherwise children become stubborn. Sometimes even though parents deal wild child carefully, children can be spoiled due to bad friends. When Bad apples are kept near the good, fresh apples, good apples also become spoiled. Like vise children should be allowed to associate good friends. Children should be taught to identify good and faithful friends, due to bad friends can persuade child to do illegal and wrong things such as stealing. And also child can be addicted to drugs and alcohol due to association of bad friends. If the parents are the best friends of children, children never hesitate to tell their questions and they never try to find best friend from outside. The best friend of a person can do a big role for his future. All best friends can’t be reliable. If he is a jealousy person, he interferes to friend’s path. Parents never do any wrong to their child deliberately.  Parents should listen to children and they should give appropriate answers by being a good example to children. Every parent should try to deal with children as a best friend to bring forth a good citizen.

By W.I.M.Withanage, Sri Lanka


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