5 Factors to Consider to Match Your Watch and Outfit


Choosing the right watch to wear on every occasion is like choosing the right shoes for a dress. It has to go smoothly and it should look physically appealing — and above everything else, it should feel comfortable. However, one of the biggest mistakes of many people is wearing the same watch all the time, regardless of how it looks and how it goes with the overall theme of your outfit.

The primary rules are very simple: if you’re wearing formal attire, your watch should look formal too; and if you are going out for outdoor activity, it’s best to wear a sports watch. However, many people are still doing it wrong. Classic watches such as Grand Seiko Quartz or Rolex should only be worn on elegant occasions. There’s no justice wearing them on a barbecue picnic. To learn more about some factors to consider when matching your watch to your outfit, here are a few tips.

1. Color

It’s an easy decision. When picking a watch to wear, make sure it complements the color of your outfit. It doesn’t have to be in the same shade unless, of course; you have an entire collection of watches in different colors. For as long as it goes with the color of your dress or suit, it’s okay to wear it. What you’re trying to avoid is to have a really striking color of a watch that overpowers your entire outfit.

Imagine you are wearing an extremely stunning black suit, then suddenly you have to check the time and a shiny yellow watch slips out of your sleeves. It’s a little distracting, right? It’s not that you cannot wear colorful watches. It’s just that it has to match the color of your attire.

2. Texture

Again, just like in shoes, the texture and design of a watch should blend with the texture of your clothing. If you are attending a gala and you’re wearing a shiny long blue dress, you can’t pair it with a leather or rubber strap on your watch. It’s best to wear a pure metallic watch or something is more like a jewelry watch.

The same goes for when you are going out for a run or biking. A leather watch won’t fit as these activities will make you sweat like crazy. It’s better to wear a watch with a rubber strap or something similar to it. In that way, your watch will maintain its quality.

3. Watch Model vs Dress Code

This is pretty much self-explanatory. The name or model of the watch would immediately give you an idea of what it is basically made for. Sports watches are for sports while classic and elegant watches are for something more formal. However, it still depends on the overall design of a watch. Some classic watches can be used in casual attire and wouldn’t look too awkward. 

For example, a collection of Grand Seiko watches can both be worn on casual and formal occasions depending on which model you use. But if you will come to think of it, all the leather and metal straps will go perfectly with a formal suit or casual jeans. If you are lucky to choose a brand that will let you use the same watch regardless of the event, then you’re good.

4. Gems and Sparkles

Some luxury watches are made with gems and stones that would really stand out. If you are wearing something like this, it’s better to consider the gems that you will partner with. You wouldn’t want to look like a mining cave with all sapphire, ruby, and diamonds all over you, right? The key is to wear matching stones.

For example, if you are wearing a long, sequined dress made of clear Swarovski crystals, pair it with diamonds or any clear gems, too. In that way, both gems will have a complementary appeal. At any cost, avoid wearing gems and stone of different colors unless it’s the theme of your outfit.

5. Watch Metals vs Other Accessories

Just like the gems and stones, you also need to match the metal materials of your watch with the make of your accessories. It means that if you are wearing silver earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, do not wear a yellow gold-shade watch. If you must wear gold, you can choose white gold to match silver. It also works vice versa, a silver or white-gold watch won’t go perfectly with gold accessories.  It’s not just about the strap. You also need to consider the rest of the metal materials of your watch, such as the dial and the back case. 

A watch is no exemption to apply the science in mixing and matching your attire. While you may have a favorite watch to wear because of its sentimental value, it’s not a requirement for you to wear it at all times. Try to alternate your collection from time to time. Besides, your days preparing for something to wear to an event will just go to waste if you accidentally wear the wrong watch.


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