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My dream career is to be an environmental minister and astrobiologist. I guess I’m born to save the innocent planet Earth from humanity’s unsustainable and destructive anthropogenic activities. Being an earthling and witnessing forests of a size of football field is being cleared per second is very sobering and terrifying. Perhaps, the deafening warnings made my climatologist, scientist, young activist and nature is not loud and tangible enough to make changes. If every Homo sapiens portrays behaviour alike Greta Thunberg, then this planet will remain habitable for quintillion years. Sadly, we are robbing every single resource, triggering a mass extinction, ignoring the truth, and killing our own life and descendants. Right now, the only blunder is politicians at all levels are refusing to take action in accordance with the United Nation signatories and accords that they agreed upon. School-goers are joining and organising climate strike planetwide to demand actions from those wielding political powers. Unfortunately, we have only one decade left and the countdown is declining vigorously.

Thus, my ambitions revolve around inventing something valuable to reverse the trajectory from an environmental dystopian. It can be photo-engineering, weather control technology, carbon capture, and genetic modification. I want to be a revolutionary scientist and political figure up untilrevolutionizing this polarised and fragmented planet.  I’m 16 years old now, and to date, I had bagged a lot of gold medals on various innovation competitions worldwide.

Apart from that, I’m bored seeing the pace of change is getting more and more snail-paced. I’m going to be a game-changer communally, nationally and internationally. Thanks to the world’s most invincible community engagement powerhouse; social media, which had spurred activism to the next-level. Intrinsically, humans are rational thinkers but they tend to follow the masses and, to make matters worse, producers are so avaricious and individualistic. My to-do lists if I was elected as an environmental minister will be undeniably very illuminating and pioneering. To illustrate, mainstreaming renewable energy sources, optimization of nature’s light, decarbonizing the economy, and rewilding the nature.

Needless to say, barriers and challenges are mushrooming everywhere and it’s hard to achieve big giant dreams. Nevertheless, with the proportionate perseverance, hardwork, universality, accessibility and transparency, things are always realistic. My viable targetsthroughout my journey is being crowned as an United Nation ambassador and aNobel Laureate award winner. I hereby strongly believe in the principle that all humans regardless of their financial status, creed, and ethnicity deserves an equal respect and fulfilment of rule of law and fundamental human rights. Simply put, I want to catalyse all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Luckily, I am an outstanding student both academically and cocuricullarly. A promising and marvellous symptom and sign for an aspiring youth. Coincidentally, I have a huge network of friends and peers which provides me an elevated supporting environment.

Moving on, about my secondary profession which is astrobiology. Since child, I love discussing about astronomy especially regarding extra-terrestrial life.I envision on exploringthe ever-expanding universe until the edges, just like the weirdo but impressive scientists that you watch in series of science fiction films. As my homeland Malaysia isin dire need of bright and talented astronomers, I can bring my nation’s space agency to greater heights. Who knows, one day human race had the golden chance of eyewitnessingthe first ever alien life. As the space race had begin astoundingly, superpowers like United States, India, Russia and China are rushing to land on the Red Planet or Mars. Hopefully, the outer space will not be weaponized and remain accessible to all nations equally.

I am also determined to reform the United Nation specifically the veto system, adherence of international laws, and outpacing peacekeeping instead of warmongering. Enough of being a bystander seeing atrocities, ecoterrorism, and bioterrorism, committed unceaseleessly. It’s time to be culminated as an upstander , who courageously stand against any from of violation of both domestic and intercontinental laws.

We must encourage the development of unifying and lifesaving technologies rather than celebrating the advancement of mass weapon destruction.  If I can mobilize all the environmental ministers worldwide to intensify their commitment towards nature and disinvest polluting energy source, then it’s an astronomical feat. Imagine actions starts to multiply just like uncontrolled cell division, then the World Happiness Index, Peace Index, Sustainability Rank will all rise automatically.

To sum up, I will ensure my dream career is achieved and work hard in overcoming all the barriers that lies ahead.

Autho Bior: Thasarathakumar A/L Palanisamy , Ayer Tawar



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