Megapodes : The World’s Best Teacher

By Shreya Ghosh

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“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”, Shakespeare was true to have realized the fact a long time ago.The urge for learning and a good teacher ,both are equally important to impart knowledge and experience generation after generation.But it is our greatest apple of discord that we forget our oldest teacher,someone who had been helping us since ages without expecting any favor in return– our mother nature.It is true to call her our mother because our very first teacher is our mother, one who holds our hands and unfolds the mystery and values of life.

Life of a baby bird

From baby to adult, the countless examples which we receive from nature are worth praising.If we peep into the life of a baby, the first picture that comes into our mind  is a baby trying hard to stand and walk.The most relatable example to this is a bird trying hard to fly for the first time in it life.If the bird stops trying to fly after certain attempts of failure,it can never learn to fly.Similiarly if a baby stops trying to stand ,it can never stand on its own feet.It is a wonderful lesson we receive from nature that, “The bird who dares to fly,learns to fly”.

Megapodes never receive parental care

Megapodes are a group of birds native to eastern Australia, New Guinea,Indonesia,etc.These birds do not even incubate their eggs ,and once the eggs hatch ,they never get to see their parents.We, humans get to enjoy parental care after our birth but the transition from a teenager to adult marks the phase when we need to bit my bit take decisions on our own.We are blessed to have a life unlike Megapodes who don’t even get to see their parents.This teaches us to be independent and a decision maker.Of course no one learns to make correct decisions at the first chance but learning from our mistakes is a must.

A fish dies out of water

We are quite aware of the fact that fishes die when they are out of water.Hoping for something in excess or envying something unnecessarily and taking a wrong step because of it leads to death (loss).When we envy money forgetting the fact that”We need money to live a life and not a life to make money”.Many people end up their life without realizing this fact. Happiness should be our goal, remembering the fact that it doesn’t destroy someone else’s happiness or peace.As Lord Ramkrishna said,”Taka mati, mati taka”.

A Bamboo plant takes years to grow but once it grows, it is difficult to break

Nature is never in a hurry. A bamboo plant takes years to grow, but once it grows, it does not die easily.It should be taken as a lesson that it may take years to be fortunate or reach our goal but we should never stoop hard working.We should never that after night comes day.The bamboo never stops growing because it is taking time to reach light, it instead prepares to reach its goal, strengthens the soil and waits for light as it is said,”Better late than never”.

For or against the current

Fishes that dare to move against the current encloses a new chapter of their life and dares to do something different.Until and unless we take the risk of going against the flow and discovering the new varieties and pages of life we can never realize what we really want .But patience and persistence are equally necessary for this-“If you wish for peace, prepare for war”.

Spring, autumn, summer, winter,monsoon-the phases of life

We take birth as a child(spring),we go through all the phases of life whether happy or sad(summer , monsoon and winter) but finally there comes a time when we should realize that our play here is over and we need to leave this earthly atmosphere and move towards a heavenly one, the time to crate space for the new generation (autumn).Every one of us has a limited time span ,no one is immortal.It is our good works that stay and not our body.As the Bible says,”EVERYTHING HAS COME FROM SAND AND SHALL RETURN TO SAND”.

Even if we keep aside the scientific contributions by our nature-oxygen supplier, pollution controller, life saver etc. we cannot deny nature’s yeoman service to us .Let the slogans for saving vegetation not just be a voice in the wilderness but a true promise to someone who helps without expecting any return gift.Let us not only save nature but also save our lives indirectly.Nobody is perfect,even a leaf has countless scars and nature is the best forgiver. Hoping for the humanity to learn the value of help without expectation, because “WHEN YOU GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTATION, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE MORE TO GIVE AWAY” and “IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO MEND”.

By Shreya Ghosh, Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur


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