Here is a Complete Guide on How to Hire a Search Engine Optimization Company in India

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Your potential clients may not know that you exist if your site doesn’t appear on the first page of search engine result pages. 

Improved search engine exposure can help you increase website visitors, leading to better brand awareness, sales, and profitability.

But what if you don’t have enough time or technical know-how to boost your site’s search engine ranking? 

In such cases, hiring a search engine optimization company in India might be a good idea.

Sadly, scam artists are everywhere. To identify genuine agencies, you should ask a few questions. 

Read on!

What is a Search Engine Optimization Agency?

A search engine optimization agency is an organization that partners with businesses to boost their online visibility.

SEO agencies offer multiple services, including but not limited to – 

Hiring a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company – Top Questions to Ask

We are sure that you don’t want to hire an inefficient SEO agency. Many people claim to be SEO experts. But how do you weed out the scam artists and find a reliable agency?  

There is good news. Even if you don’t know much about SEO, you can ask a few questions that will help determine if the digital agency is worth it.  

Can You Guarantee Results? 

Best Answer – “No. No agency can guarantee results as it depends on Google algorithms which keep changing”.  

Any search engine optimization company in India that guarantees results is nothing but shady. Although most reputable agencies will tell you that they are confident, considering their past work, making promises for a specific ranking is a red flag.

No agency has an insider relationship with Google, Yahoo or Bing. Only search engines control how high or low your website appears on search engine result pages.

How Long Will it Take to Achieve Goals? 

Best Answer – “Our SEO experts need time to figure out how competitive your niche is. But it typically takes somewhere between 3-6 months to see results”.  

Move on from any search engine optimization company in India that promises instant results. It is a bitter truth, but SEO takes time. Moreover, different niches come with different competition levels. So, it might take even longer to rank your website higher and get organic traffic.  


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Wondering why SEO takes so long? 

This is because SEO depends on several factors, including SEO keyword difficulty, inbound links, competition, and domain age.

Have You Worked in a Similar Industry? 

Best Answer: “Yes. Feel free to look at a few examples” or, “No, but we have experience working with a similar business”.  

One of the best ways to ensure the SEO agency can handle your website is by asking if they’ve worked for the same niche and achieved good results. If they already have, they will explain the strategy and know what it took to get results.  

Do you send monthly or quarterly reports? 

Best Answer: “Yes, we absolutely do”.  

Search engine optimization companies in India that do not provide reports should be immediately disqualified as a lead.  

Also, it is essential to understand how they send reports. You want to get reports that are clearly explained. The report shared by the agency should contain the following information –  

  • What was done and why? 
  • What are the kinds of returns generated? 
  • What are the current obstacles? 
  • How will you overcome the hurdles?

Bonus Question: Can You Take Me Through Some of Your Case Studies? 

Best Answer: “Yes, of course. Here are a few case studies you’ll find interesting”.  

The best way to discover a reliable SEO company in India is by looking at their past work. Go through their case studies and ask a few questions, including –  

  • How did you achieve this outcome? 
  • What approach did you take and why? 
  • Has the outcome continued to grow? 
  • What made the niche challenging, and how did you overcome it? 

Bottom Line  

It might seem intimidating to interview search engine optimization agencies; however, asking the right questions at the beginning of collaboration will only lead to a good and successful relationship. 

Be confident, ask questions, listen closely and don’t be scared to walk away.  

If you’re still unsure about how to hire a search engine optimization company, you can connect with AdLift. It is a trusted and reputable search engine optimization agency that has served numerous clients across different niches. 

Put across your questions and let the experts do the talking!

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