By: Laban Singh

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Well Versed with the Assignment

Make sure one’s is well versed with the given essay topic and understand the requirements for the said assignment and any doubt see library or do research with ruthless efficiency. Attempt to do research with a well organize and competent method and trying to achieved a maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort and expense with Brain storming in an exceedingly silence atmosphere and build a time frame and record all the ideas on paper. Whenever idea pop just records in a very note book. Asked friends too for help which could guide one’s on the topic.

Clear the Mind from all Distractions

Once ones is certain of the essay to be written than you’ll target the time frame have to get all the ideas and put into draft. Way to get the ideas? Try visiting to a quite place especially at beach while walking and relaxing will bring ones ideas and note it down during a note book or relax at the canteen while having drink will refresh the mind with new ideas which will able in writing within the fundamental quantity.

Prepare a perfect And attractive Outline

Most writers tend to follow the same identical basic style. Try to formulate effective outlines, for most of the essays that one’s will write. Make it attractive to readers with interesting, fresh, and original introduction that to urge the eye of the readers but it should be strictly relevant to the topic. Perhaps one’s could begin the essay with some observation of your own or with some quotation of known writer. Because its play the importance role of the assignment and also the one sentence of the thesis statement.

Able to help the essay to own better outlook for the running of the essay. An essay outline is a visual representative of an essay. It help the essay’s paragraphs down to key points, allowing the readers to induce a gist of the essay with quick skim Outline serves many purpose, like helping its writer to organize their thoughts before they start writing, giving readers a quick idea of the essay, and acting as a guide line for the writer to follow as they run through their supporting paragraphs. Jotting the essay outline could be a fairly straightforward process.

Create a Space in One’s Home

One’s must ensure to have own writing room so that when one’s walk into a space the environment is there to assist the brain to relax and work peacefully. Wherever one’s plan on writing the space should be freed from mess. Tidy the space from unnecessary items and ensure everything are put in the proper places.

Implement super 5S and check out to brighten the area with object that motivated one’s mood like posters or flowers. Put the sitting chair and computer in comfortable manner and where one’s feel suitable and relax when writing. Home is the precious place for one’s to write down since all the need is at one’s finger tips, with the allure of the cup of coffee, it difficult to urge anything done. Take it as a hobby and don’t make one’s too tense or eternal thinking of completing the essay but take it as fun and pleasure.

Write the essay body with three categories, namely, introduction, body and conclusion and then write the components of the essay by developing the points within the three categories. The conclusion must include the restatement of one’s thesis. The essay should end with insightful writing

Emphasize on Quality

Remember to follow all the rule and regulation when writing the essay, when its say the requirement of words and not less, one’s must write as mention and don’t write lengthy essay of which is able to find yourself of diluting one’s argument and making grammar and spelling mistakes knowing the required words to put in writing and don’t waste time or effort since it’s going to even be counter productive.

Try and keep the contents within the essay which can impress the readers, judges and therefor the professor by the standard and not the amount which eventually will led into making errors. Write short sentences and in easy English words and don’t get influence by quote and phrase that one’s don’t understand but just want to draw in the readers.

Draft And Edit Separately

While writing the essay with full attention and energy, try and search for overall structure are so as and also the main argument is clearly stated within the introduction. Are all the paragraphs increase the argument and are the paragraphs in a very logical sequence? Is that the conclusion having the summary of the arguments? The thoughts should show logical development and must not be jumbled. Divisions of the essay into various paragraphs will help keep the thoughts unentangled.


There are rules of writing an essay and are rather conditional, the author has the prospect to completely make use his creative ability and use various interesting methods for writing his genre of essay. It’s time to think about a conclusion.

Conclusion is summary in a very narrative or descriptive essay, it could sum up with the impact the scene, the person or the vent left on the mind. Take care that one’s have note left the conclusion vague and tacky. The important thing to recollect is that the thoughts and arguments should be united and interest the reader to read the work and take one’s side.

By: Laban Singh

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