By: Samyuktha R

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‘Write an essay on the given topic’ has been part of our English exam papers at school. We even complete it within thirty minutes. If we follow certain steps, we will be able to write an essay within the allotted time. The key points to remember are,

Answer to the topic

Plan your points

Finish within the time


Time management is vital while writing an essay fast. Essay has a proper format which includes an outline, introduction, body and conclusion. When the time limit is short, the body can be divided into five paragraphs. Wisely calculate the time allotted for each part. One can use,

Five minutes for writing an outline

Five minutes for Introduction

10 minutes for the body

Five minutes for the conclusion

Last five minutes for revision

If we properly manage the time, one will be able to complete the essay in a given time.


We must carefully read the essay topic and understand it. We must take care that we do not drift away from the given topic or else it will be time consuming to rewrite the essay again. Identify the central theme and then, writing the essay will be easy.

Understand the theme

Look for relevant sub-topics

Elaborate on them

Brainstorm for ideas and chose the best idea that suits the essay topic.


When the time limit is short, we cannot go for a deep research. Just browse for precise information’s that is necessary for the essay. Jot down only important information which can be explained later. It’s vital that we do not take much time doing research. Search for concepts related to the essay and then begin working on it. One must only concentrate on,

Key points

Key concepts

Specific information


Writing an outline, helps to organize the ideas. Fix the sub topics for the essay. Then it will be easy to elaborate on it. Write down only the key points or specific information and then later one can explain about them. But make sure all the points and information are related to the central theme. 


Introduction is very important, so in the starting of the essay one can include,

Proverbs/ Sayings/ Quotations: One can use quotations or sayings of famous personalities or use age old proverbs to give an effective start.

Short poems: One can use lines from a poem of famous poets or can use their own poems.

Short stories: A short story or an anecdote which has some message can be used.

But one must remember, whatever one uses it must be related to the topic. The introduction must be written in a such way that it briefly describes what the essay is about. It must give an outlook to the information that follows after it. A strong start is very important while writing an essay.


When there is shortage of time, be brief with the body of the essay. Avoid too many sub-topics in the body or else it will consume extra time. Just select five key concepts that is related to the essay topic. Already specific information and key points are jotted in the outline. So, it is enough that we just elaborate on the key points and support it with evidences and examples. Keep in the mind to use the best points. Make sure the sentences are




Make sure to use only two to three minutes for writing each paragraph in the body.


Conclusion must be a summary to the ideas that was presented in the body and it must not include any new ideas. In the conclusion one can make it thought-provoking or can be solution-based if the topic is related to an issue. Like a strong starting, a strong ending is also important.


A title is the first thing a reader notice. So, one must be very careful in choosing the title to the given essay topic. The title should be short, it must be attractive and must be a perfect reflection to what the essay is all about. Choose the title only after finishing the essay because then one will know about the entire ideas written and it will be easier to form the title. Make sure that the title is captivating.


Make sure that there is time for revision. Due to the time limit, in a hurry to complete the essay, we might end up making minute mistakes. So proofread the essay and look for,

Spelling mistakes

Grammatical errors

Correction in punctuations.

A quick revision can make the essay error free.


It is said perfection can be achieved through practice. Same like this by constantly practicing the above said steps one will be able to write an essay within the specified time.

By: Samyuktha R

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