The academic future of any student depends on his performance in his exams. The sole purpose of examination is to check and enhance the intelligence of every student. But the examinations are conducted in a way that creates a feeling of nervousness among students. As the examination approaches nearer students lose their sense of understanding and begin to panic. It becomes quite harsh for them to take all the pressure of their syllabus at once. This happens because of poor management of time in respect to the course. 

       The very first time when a student experiences the nervousness and pressure of studies is during his high school board examination. These examinations are conducted all over India by three different boards- the ICSE board. The CBSE Board and the State Boards. Different states conduct their own examination in government schools which is referred to as state board examination. Like if UP government is conduction the exams in the government schools of Uttar Pradesh they are known as UP board exams. Other two boards conduct their exams all over India and there is no such restriction of conducting the examination in one particular state. Since it acquires a large area i.e. zones so there is a rapid increase in competition among students which also increases the pressure of studies. And as for the UP board exams, they are conducted all over the state only in government schools. The marks which we get in these exams decide our future subjects which eventually are responsible for our better future.

 For a high school student there is a wide variety of subject and topics that one needs to study not only for the examination but also for the future references so as to keep him updated. The Up board syllabus consists of basic subjects for students in the following manner: Math – Polynomials, Arithmetic progressions, Trigonometry, heights and distances, Areas of circles, Triangles, Probability etc. Science- acid, bases and salts, electricity, Light, Life processes, Chemical Equations, Energy resources, Reproduction etc. and also the mother tongue Hindi and world renowned language English. Not only this but one also has to study Social Sciences and Games. The government also provides a chance to choose an optional subject according to the interest of student. These subjects are Computers, Music vocal, Music Instrumental – sitar or Tabla, Art and also a choice between Home Science and Math. All these subjects have a wide range of topics which are very important for the examinations. Therefore, it is very important to get prepared according to the syllabus have been given which can be done by some of the ways listed below-

  • Realization of Syllabus: The basic thing the students miss out easily is the realization of their syllabus. The only thought that “Only this much, it can be completed within a month” can ruin their performance. It is not a very good idea to leap out our syllabus by considering it less time consuming. There is no subject that doesn’t need a sincere understanding of the matter given in it. It is recommended to read and understand the chapter and giving ample time for a thorough reading of matter in it.
  • Time management: It is a very necessary task that one should always be aware of time given in his studies. One should always work according to a time table. Time management is a key factor of any kind of preparation including exams and tests. One should always make good use of the time and entertainment should be done in a limited way. Spending more time in entertainment may affect the working pattern that should be developed for up board exams.
  • Develop a habit of reading: Reading a good book gives tons of knowledge. Reading also creates an interest in the field of studies and helps a person to acquire more knowledge in short amount f time. The more a student reads the more he understands the criteria of the subject and hence is able to answer the question asked based on it. Reading also helps to memories a content quickly and our makes our mind sharp. Therefore reading is an important asset to a student not only in the field of education and academics but also in every aspect of life.        
  • Focusing on weaker sections: Students prefer give more time to the subject on the top of their liking index. In fact, it is good to give time to your subject of interest but it is very important to give time to understand the subject/matter in which you are weak. Practicing the fundamentals of your weaker subject will improve your performance in it. Focusing on the weaker subject is a bit difficult at start but when practiced regularly it becomes easier.  
  • Find a suitable way of learning: “How to learn” is the major problem among student preparing for boards. So it is important to develop an efficient learning pattern according to your time and syllabus. This will provide you a well defined structure of the matter that you have to learn. One can learn by making short notes of the matter, marking/highlighting the main content, bit by bit learning pattern can also be used. It is up to the students’ choice and their ease. But a regular practice and revision is required to firmly make a grip on the content or the subject.
  • Area of interest: Students preparing for exams need to identify their area of interest as this will help them to progress in that subject. It is needed to realize subject in which one wants to master it. If the subject it not chosen properly it will affect the performance in later times. As there is a wide range of subjects, it is very prominent to get confused in the selection of the suitable subject but once the area of interest is decided it becomes easier to find the best subject for the future. 
  • Understand and explain: One might think it as of time wasting process but when you explain something to other people you also get a hold of that subject/matter easily. When one is learning and understanding the content given it is easy for him to explain it. And in contrast if one is unable to understand the content he won’t be able to explain it. Also while explaining one gets the firm idea of what he knows and what he need to know. This is the beat and easiest way to check the capacity of your brain and to fathom your knowledge. 

All the above points are helpful in developing a regular leaning habit and may found useful in the times of exams. 

Also for better preparation it is preferred to use other books to practice the subject especially for math. For this some books are preferred for the preparation as below:

  • Math: Mathematics for class 10th by R. D Sharma which has a good terms f examples and ample question for practice, which will help the students to practice more efficiently.
  • Science: Physics (part i), Chemistry (part ii) And Biology (part iii) by S. Chand which contains a vast and easy explanations of topics that will be helpful for better learning and understanding of the chapter and tricky numerical are given for practice of physics and chemistry.
  • Social Science : Unnati publications that includes an easy to understand language explanation of historical events in a specific pattern.

But not only learning but the external environment of a student also affects his mind and studies. Thereby it is a requisition to maintain a friendly and healthy environment around them. Sound health will give a sound mind. Taking all the pressure at once may cause stress and tension which is not good for students. In order to keep healthy one can adopt any method of recreation and relaxation which will refresh the mind and increase the concentration capacity. It is not always a compulsion to get full marks in every subject. But this is not good to worry about it. Confidence is the best way to win over fears so, instead of worrying one should concentrate over the topics which had been learnt. And as it is said “a piece of paper cannot decide one’s future.”



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