How To Hack Text Messages

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What would be the ideal and simplest form to hack text messages when you want to spy on a spouse’s phone? Modern technology has allowed flaws and protection of someone’s data on any device. To hack any cell phone without even having physical access to it. There are advisable apps to use remotely.  To hack text messages without access to a phone, you have to follow certain criteria to eventually monitor your kids, spouse or employee phone.  One of the most successful techniques to spy SMS is using Nova Spy App. Click here to know the guide.

How To Hack Someone’s Text Messages From Another Phone 

Nova spy app can hack cell phones, social media accounts, and emails of any persona from anywhere around the world. To read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone, a Nova spy app can be counted that can do it. 

You can even hack text messages on your friend’s phone if you know the right ways to do it. If you want to catch your cheating girlfriend, you can spy on their text messages. Moreover, some parents might want access to their child’s text messages to know whether their kid is involved in something unethical. 

The Nova spy app is the application you need to hack text messages on any device, and the owner wouldn’t even know. 

Steps to Hack Text Messages 

If you want to read someone’s text messages, follow these simple steps to gain access:  To make it work on Android or iOS and hack text messages without access to the phone, you have to follow these measures. 

Download and Set up 

The next step is to set up the application on your device. If you want to spy on iPhone text messages, you can simply put the iCloud credentials in the cloud panel. But remember to

create a data backup on iCloud before you enter the details. Once you confirm the credentials, the Nova spy App will synchronize the data within two to three minutes. This is an example of how to hack an iPhone text message easily without coming close to the device. 

Read text Messages on iPhone 

Once the data is synchronized, you will be able to read text messages on the cell phone you provided the details of in the previous step. Press the start button to finish the setup. 

After you have finished setting up, the app will take you to the dashboard page, where you will be able to access all the features to hack text messages, read WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder and other message sharing apps. 

Secretly Forward Text Messages on Android Remotely 

Nova spy is a next-generation app that is fit to carry out thorough surveillance. You can use this app to track your spouse incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, GPS location, social media, etc. 

It is undetectable and will stay hidden from your spouse’s sight. It can be easily installed in the iOS/ Android system. You can download this software onto an android device or iPhone and monitor or record any phone or tablet’s activities. 

The app stores all the data automatically and provides easy accessibility.

Can you read someone’s text messages without their phone? 

What if you do not have physical access to the target device? Don’t worry because the Nova spy app allows you to hack text messages on any device – be it Android or iOS – no matter if you have the device or not. 

Features of Nova Spy App 

Here is a detailed review of the Nova spy app’s features. 

GPS Tagging 

The app provides an accurate GPS location of the target phone. This way, you can check your spouse’s whereabouts with a client of a button. 

Call logs 

Further, you can also keep a check over your kids, spouse call records. You receive details like incoming and outgoing information, date, and time. You can also listen to the audio recordings of the call. You can also secretly forward text messages to your android device. 

Browsing history 

You receive complete access to your spouse’s browsing history as well. You can check and look into all he visited URLs 


To spy all the texts coming in and out of your spouse’s phone, this app is of great help. Here are the platforms you can gain access to text messages from. 


All the messenger texts and activities on Facebook are recorded by the application. Again incoming and outgoing messages are conveniently stored in the app’s data. 


For WhatsApp texts, too, this app is more than capable. It maintains text records, including photos, videos, and audio.


All SMS contents, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded by the app. The app sorts them based on date and time, and you can easily access them. 


Photos and messages sent and received are recorded. 


All incoming and outgoing chats, photos, and conversations are tracked. Images 

The app also enables you to see all the images captured by the target phone or received through social media.

Why Should You Use the Nova Spy App to Hack Text Messages? 

To read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone, this app doesn’t need any rooting or jailbreaking and is compatible with iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows. You can easily track messages from your browser. 

The Nova spy app is the best way to hack text messages from anywhere in the world. Here are the reasons to prove it: 

Web-based service 

The Nova spy app is a web-based service, which means you do not have to install it on your smartphone or PC. Once you sign in using your credentials, the application will direct you to the dashboard, where you can access all its features to hack anyone’s text message on any device – Android or iPhone. 


The Nova spy app is compatible with PC, iPhone, and Android devices. So, no matter what device you have, you can still hack other devices with the help of the Nova spy App. Moreover, it allows you to hack an iPhone device with an android smartphone and vice versa. 

No Jailbreak 

The Nova spy app keeps your data as well as your target’s data secured. After you enter your details, the app will not share them with a third party or try to hack your device. 

Moreover, when you fill in the target’s credentials, the app won’t jailbreak their device, making the process run smoothly in a safe and secure environment. 

Stealth Mode 

When you use the Nova spy app to spy on someone’s text messages, your target will never know that they are being monitored. Also, they wouldn’t know who you are because the app operates in secrecy mode.

The reason behind this is that there is no need to install the Nova spy app on the target iPhone or Android device. All you have to do is register with the app, and it will allow you to access the targeted person’s text messages or online activities. 

Cheap Prices 

The Nova spy app is available at cheaper prices than its competitors. You can choose from four different packages available at discounted prices, saving you a lot of money. The app offers all the benefits of spyware software at the lowest prices possible. 


The Nova spy app only takes about 1 MB of your storage space. You can download the application on any device, and it won’t eat even a bit of your storage space. 

Hack Text messages without access to phone 

You can now gain access to all their text messages, whether normal texts or apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat. Apps allow real-time data syncing, and you can be alerted about incoming notifications.

There is also an added benefit of the Snapchat Reader. Snapchat messages disappear if you don’t save them. Snapchat reader saves messages and takes screenshots of incoming pictures. 

You can also access other features like track their location through GPS. You can set a virtual barrier around their phone. This is called geo-fencing. When your partner crosses this barrier, you will be instantly alerted. 

There is also the Key logger option. This records every keystroke and is very useful for saving social media names and passwords. Now, you can know what your boyfriend has been up to with real-time updates and data syncing. These spy apps are very convenient to use even if you are a novice at technology. 

Nova spy app would be the perfect option to choose for this method! 

Final Words 

If you follow the steps mentioned above correctly, you will be able to hack anyone’s text messages. The target device won’t be able to detect you as the Nova spy app operates under stealth mode to keep your identity hidden and anonymous.  Moreover, with the extraordinary features provided by the Nova spy app, you can spy text messages, call logs, emails, social media accounts, etc., using any device.  Since the app is available at cheap rates, unlike other spyware applications, you will save a lot of money. Also, all your data will be safe and secure as the Nova spy app does not try to jailbreak your or your target’s valuable information.


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