How To Battle Homesickness After Relocation?

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Moving to a new place is fun but it also brings up the not-so-good feeling of homesickness that shouldn’t be ignored.

Homesickness is a very common feeling that stirs up a plethora of emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear, and even anger when people don’t get a familiar environment. 

No matter how ecstatic you are to start your new journey, at some time, you will feel nostalgia for your old home, friends, & neighbours.

How to deal with the homesickness that comes with relocation?

Read this article and learn the 5 remedies to combat homesickness and build a happy new life:

1.   Discover your new neighbourhood

The unfamiliar neighbourhood may feel daunting at first and you may want to spend all your time in your new home. But you can’t be living pigeonholed inside all the time, right?

To deal with this, discover who all are living adjacent to your house and connect with the new community.

Get the hang of your new location and check out nearby restaurants, local eateries, theatres, shopping stores, etc.

2. Make new friends in the community

This is, of course, easier said than done, and maybe opposite to your nature. You may feel cautious to meet new people and make friends, at first.

However, to overcome homesickness faster, introduce yourself to new neighbours.

Some of the ways to create a new social circle of support are:

  • Host a stress-free, toned-down party and invite your neighbours;
  • Attend club meetings and work-based gatherings;
  • Sign up for local activities and community events;
  • Use social platforms to discover people with similar interests or hobbies

Having a bunch of friends will help you deal with homesickness faster than you can think of.

3. Decorate your indoor/outdoor space

Someone rightly said, ” Home is where the heart is.”

Moving to a new place gives you the liberty to put your stamp on your new home and also style it the way you want.

Add personal touches to transform your new “house” into a “home” of your dreams.

Some of the ways to add life to your new place are:

  • Personalise your decor with family and friends photos
  • Incorporate vintage furniture
  • Display travel memories
  • Hang your favourite art pieces
  • Swings or hammocks
  • Home garden

Do not go by any standard and popular formulas and give your own quirky touch to indoors and outdoors.

4. Follow old routines and habits

Moving to a new place badly hit your daily schedule and routine. If you are at the homesick stage of moving, follow the old habits to counter your anxiety.

This will bring you back into your old routine soon. Some of the healthy habits to follow are:

  • Sleep better and wake up refreshed;
  • Have your favourite cup of tea or coffee;
  • Read the morning newspaper;
  • Go for a morning walk;
  • Have meals at the same time;
  • Exercise daily.

Also, introduce a few new habits to break the monotony and feel great about your life.

5. Stay in touch with your old friends/relatives

After relocating to a new place, don’t ditch your old friends and neighbours. Staying in touch with your old friends helps you stay connected to your old crib.

Some of the ways to stay in touch:

  • Talk to them on regular basis
  • Keep your friends informed on all of the things you’re up to
  • Invite your friends for house parties
  • Make video calls

There are endless possibilities but you just have to find the right way to reconnect with old friends and neighbours.

In the end…

Overall, homesickness is very common after moving to a new place.

Follow the necessary steps to conquer the gloominess that has descended upon your life.

Stay optimistic, look at the brighter side, and start your new journey.

Author: Ailsa Martin


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