How cheap is it to handle international calls directly through your cell phone?


Since the onset of the Coronavirus, most people around the world found themselves at home because it was no longer safe to go outdoors since anyone could carry and transmit the virus. At the same time countries around the world started shutting down their airports to prevent people
from other countries from entering. The main reason was making sure the spread of the disease could be managed from within the country instead of allowing people from other countries to add to it.This also meant that a lot of people, with large parts of their family and friends in other countries,
could not make their way back home.

Furthermore, when countries around the world began negotiations for getting their citizens back home, people who wanted to travel but weren’t citizens of a specific country were not given priority to enter that country. This left a lot of people stranded in countries that they didn’t want to be in and fearing for the virus since the initial information coming out was not very positive. The only thing keeping everyone going was being able to communicate with friends and family. Unfortunately, using the internet soon turned into a challenge with cheap international calls being the only way forward, with people talking to their family members almost every day at costs that matched local calls.

Is connecting with people across the border expensive?
Although this was the case a couple of years back, with the coming in of the internet, significant changes brought down the price of calling. Furthermore, people reduced the amount they were using regular calls and started using the internet for most of their calls and texts. This would have
been an issue but since the beginning of the pandemic, with everyone working from home, the number of people using the internet lines significantly increased, which began reducing the speeds and making it quite unstable.
Furthermore, a large part of the Indian population using the internet, use it on their phones, and that too on mobile data. Overall, less than 20% of the countries internet users use fibre lines,while the rest lean on mobile data. Through this platform, people can make cheap calls to India or cheap calls to USA without worrying about data or the expensive cost.

How does the platform place calls?
Since the platform does not use data to place the call, it provides the person making the call with a number that they have to dial. After adding their extension, they have to dial the phone number of the person they want to call, and the platform connects the two allowing them to make a call
as if they in the same vicinity as the caller. It makes the call from miles around the globe feel a lot more personal, as compared to receiving a Skype call.
What is the best part about using this platform?
There are no hidden costs and the amounts mentioned at the beginning of the call are the same ones the users pay when they use the platform. Furthermore, it allows regular phone calls, without the need of internet or data which is a major advantage, especially for people who might not have a good internet connection, or in some cases to an older generation that might not even be using a smartphone.


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